Following AromaTherapy Massage

“I was lucky enough to experience a aroma touch massage with Jen and I can honestly say I have never felt that level of peace and tranquillity ever before , thank you Jen”. J.C

“During my aroma touch massage with Jen I experienced a very positive body awareness I had not experienced before. I felt so relaxed and blissed out.
I had been feeling very run down probably from being too ‘busy’ with life!
During the massage I visualised a real disconnect between my right and left sides of my body. When I explained this to Jen after the massage she helped me to analyse my feelings and come up with that possibly my masculine side has been so prominent of late and my feminine side was suffering … being aware of this has now helped me to look at ways to nurture my feminine side and feel more energised. Thank you so much Jen”. K.E

Following IGNITE YOUR PASSION workshop.

March, 2018

“So funny. And so insightful. I didn’t know what to expect and I was totally engaged for the whole time. If only it was for longer. I feel energised and feel like I have some tough conversations to have going forward but I am confident that I can do it. Go through the mucky pond and up the mountain. And ask for help when I need it”. E.M


“Thank you so much to you and Jay for hosting such an amazing event! I was blown away by our group who brought us so much teaching and blessings. We are very lucky to have such an amazing group of people around us and I was so proud of all our little women. Gave me great things to reflect on and comfort knowing that I am doing OK. So happy to have had the opportunity to spend this time with you all and especially my little woman. Thank you again”. LH

“Thanks to you and Jay for facilitating such a lovely morning. It certainly was unexpected at times the amount of emotion that snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. We just loved having the time just for us. You can sleep well tonight knowing you have made lots of big and little people happier today”. SC
“Just incredible. Amazing. I have never been to anything as moving or as connected. Thank you” KR
 “We just loved it so much. Thank you. I am reminded that I am doing ok. This was such a special time and I just loved that you refer to our daughters as ‘little women’ and not girls”. LS


“From the moment I entered the Soul Oxygen Retreat space that Jen & Jay created I felt safe, welcomed, curious and excited. Jen & Jay have a presence that is quite magical. I felt like I had stepped out of my busy world and right into a magical, mystery tour all about me, me and me!!!

Right from the start Jen and Jay tucked us all under their angel wings and held us when we needed to be held, supported us when we needed to be supported, gently guided us when we needed to be guided, laughed with us, participated with us and reminded us that we can all fly, even when we have lost our way.

It was a weekend of connection, growth, laughter, play, surprises, ritual, relax and gracefulness. I am used to more masculine driven workshops and it was a pure delight to be in a very feminine workshop and see and feel the transformation in each and every one of us.

The love that Jen and Jay showered all of us with reached right into my soul, talked to my heart and reminded my busy mind of the absolute need for love, relax, growth and connection.

A workshop with Jen and Jay is for anyone who seeks to see themselves that little bit more clearly, love themselves that little bit more deeply and connect with others that little bit more intimately. They will touch your soul”. Tash


Jen and Jay, thank you SO much for such a special weekend full of wonderful surprises. I didn’t know what to expect, but the bar has been raised high for any future retreats. Thank you for my time and space to learn about myself, have time to share, paint, connect and love. Thank you for my special gifts as well. Love A.V. xx

I just feel like I fulfilled MAGIC. Thank you all for your love and support. N.H

Following SOUL OXYGEN RETREAT October 2015

“I recently participated in the Jen Lean’s Soul Oxygen weekend. Jen has an absolute heart for supporting women. I didn’t have any expectations of the weekend, I was just looking forward to hanging out with like minded women. I had some huge unexpected personal growth. I came away from the weekend with great clarity and a warm heart. Jen is a wonderful funny, compassionate and sincere being. Jen is one of life’s gems” PC

SL’s Heart Felt Share : click here  CHECK OUT THE VID. xx by SL.


“Dear Jen and Jay. The Soul Oxygen Retreat was literally a breath of fresh air for me. There is nothing better than getting together with a group of like minded women who are simply trying to live their best life. The activities, energy and space allowed me to reconnect with myself and reflect on what is really important. I would highly recommend this to any woman who is going through the motions, racing through life or struggling with life obstacles xo” GR

“No words can sum up what I experienced last weekend. Attending the Soul Oxygen Retreat in Bangalow was one of the most life changing things I have ever experienced.

During the past 5 years, I have been going through a lot of personal growth and wanting to change my life in a positive way without the use of prescriptive medication. After making the decision to move from Sydney to the Gold Coast, I felt lost and confused with where my life was going and what my purpose was.

The difficult part for me was working out what I wanted and learning to trust that. It was true blessing to have crossed paths with Jen Lean and to be exposed to the world of “Soul Readers”.

The weekend away at the Soul Oxygen Retreat pushed me to look within myself and realise that I have the choice to make these changes. The 9 other incredible women who shared the journey are now forever in my heart. After the weekend, I have had work colleagues and friends comment on how “light and happy” I look and sound. It was such an emotional time for all and I really believe that we can control so much more once we have the tools and realise our triggers.

Jen and Jay created a peaceful and safe space for all of us to just immerse ourselves in for 3 days. Through this we were able to truly discover what it meant to really love yourself and believe that you will be supported. Their passion infused into all of us as we were guided through the weekend with various activities and teachings.

I am so privileged to have been part of this incredible adventure and I am excited to continue my journey knowing that I am loved and supported by these beautiful women!

I am complete”. PC


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Following “A MEANINGFUL LIFE” workshop:

“An in-depth and challenging course for those beginning their journey or at the enriching stage. Thought provoking activities and well presented informative learning made this course one that I would recommend to anyone at any stage. Whether you feel like you have it all sorted, or have no direction it provided a great clarity that I found enlightening. There is something in there for everyone which you rarely find. A must attend event”! (LW)

“Jen provides a beautiful place to “just be” to “grow”, to “learn” to “feel” without “judgement”. I love attending Jen’s open hearted sessions. I also come away with learnings, tools and my cup is full. I am looking forward to attending more of these sessions in the future with Jen”. (SL)

“There are no airs of graces and no smoke screens. She is totally the real deal. Be prepared to dif deep down and pull out things that you didn’t even know were there. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable. It will make sense in the end. You will come away from her teachings feeling much more at ease with the journey we call ‘life’ “. (AL)




“I am so grateful to have found and been so warmly welcomed into the Soul Readers group. This is so much more than a book club, this is a community of like minded women who share, laugh, cry and occasionally discuss book titles [wink emoticon]. I feel safe and courageous enough to share personal feelings, thoughts and fears, all the time knowing that I will not only be supported but will also not be judged. Every interaction I have with the Soul Readers community is one of connection, personal growth, learning and of course laughter. Hearing and being heard, feeling and being felt, loving and being loved! Finally, our facilitator Jen is one of the most authentic, open, inquisitive, energetic and loving people I know and I will be forever grateful for the gift she has been to my life”.

“I have only known Jen since March of this year, but the impact she has had on me is just incredible. From the night we met, we sat and talked for hours, until we were the last in the restaurant. I could have sat there all night talking to her. She is so special and such an inspiration to other women. Jen too is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend but she is so forgiving, so mildful of others, so aware of her environment. Soul Readers is a sacred place for all of us where we can just be. I can’t imagine my life without these ladies. Such a beautiful group and I look forward to seeing them as often as I can. My “happy” place is with Soul Readers”. xx

“I feel like there is a place where I can be supported to grow, to fall, to just BE. The women of Soul Readers have impacted my life SO much and I am SO grateful. Thanks Jen for having the courage to create this space for us”.

“It is my ‘safe place’. I know at times I might be challenged…but I trust it is all for me. I love the books, when I read them, hehe. I love the discussions. I love the music. I love that I don’t know what is going to happen from meeting to meeting. While some things are always there. The love. The connection. The laughs. The food. The truth”.



“During our time together I have evolved from a girl to a women!  I came to you for help and you’ve helped me turn my whole life around.  I learnt to love me, and break through the prison that I held myself in. You were there with me every step of the way.  You challenged me and made me look inside, I had to go through some beasts and some miracle’s all so today I stand tall, I float on my feet and I dance like I’ve never danced in my life before.  You helped me work to achieving the best part of me every day just by sharing your gifts with me.  You make me smile when you send me a song that is truly meant for me in that moment.  You make me feel alive when you question me about what I am hammering myself about, you remind me I am human and that I can be with my moments and feelings.

You beautiful one evolved the caterpillar into a heart full butterfly!   NH

“Life for me had become dark and stormy. Challenges washed onto my shore pushing my mind to a place of survival. In that place I would do what most Mums do and go on auto pilot, putting one foot in front of the other, moving through the day. I would often hear, ‘I don’t know how you cope? You’re amazing! I could never do what you do.’ The survival mode for some may last a week, a year or a lifetime. While I was in it, I was not living the full and rewarding life that was there waiting for me.

Jen cleared the dark and helped me regain clarity and purpose. She has a deep understanding of spirituality and cognitive function which she married together to guide and support me on my journey to connecting with my purpose again. It’s not easy feeling vulnerable and putting yourself out there but the truth is worth the effort. Thank you Jen”. SP Burleigh

“I don’t know if I believe in God, but if there is one, I think that he sent me Jen. She is an earth angel and helped uncover my inner light. A thing I didn’t know was there. I had 3 sessions and now I check in via email from time to time and if I needed to see her again, I wouldn’t hesitate. 3 of my friends have been to experience the magic as well”. E.P Bonogin

“I was recommended to see Jen by a friend when I was struggling with some relationship issues. She has this way of asking the right question at the right time and then it seems to undo everything. In a good way. I’m happy in my relationship and accept that there are different ways that we each receive love and give love. What a relief. I’m so glad to have had the experience”. S.K Burleigh Heads

“Before coming to see Jen I thought I was the only one struggling. In so many areas. It turns out I am pretty ‘normal’. Whatever that means anyway. I am, as Jen kept reminding me, ‘Being human’. I got a heap of resources and books to read. I felt like it more like I was having life teaching sessions. I wish I had have known this stuff earlier. Oh and she has this amazing ability to choose songs that are so perfect for me. It spooks me a bit actually. Thanks so much Jen”. K.P Reedy Creek.

We’re in this together



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