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5 Steps to a Breakthrough

I love the work of Tony Robbins. I have read so much of his stuff, watched hours and hours of his work and listened to so much of his wisdom on CD’s and podcasts. And next year I hope to attend one of his seminars! #onthelist

If you haven’t heard of Tony Robbins, you might want to do yourself a favour and get acquainted. He is a powerhouse, a game changer and a man on a mission to help folks undo their pain and live a full out life!

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Our Vibe Matters…Ask Him. He’ll Tell Ya!

At the moment I am funnelling as much of the writing that comes to me into my book at the moment, so I am not blogging as much as usual.

What a weird thing to write actually.

Anywhooooo, what I want to use this blog for is for me to practice my writing, to maybe facilitate a different way of seeing the world, to share stuff that moves me.

It is possible for the next few blogs, I might be sharing some potentially game changing resources with you. Stuff that has been game changing for me. Helping me follow my arrow in the direction of an extraordinary life.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions, but if you aren’t and you vibe with my stuff, do yourself a favour. Oprah invites folks who are passionate about living extraordinary lives and asks them to share their perspectives. Their views. Their ups and their downs. Their humanity. And they do.

BUT this link to Oprah’s soul Sessions, is not what I wanted to share. Not completely anyway.

Not long after ‘the operations’ in our home, I found myself seeking out spirit filling content. Energy giving. High vibe kind of stuff. ¬†As I sauntered through Oprah’s most recent sessions, I recognised all the presenters. I watched one by one and felt my whole body shifting in small increments.