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It might actually be an obsession…

I am pretty sure that for the best part of the last couple of decades, I have been keenly seeking and searching for not just my own purpose, but information to help others find theirs. 

I have read close to a hundred books on the subject, read countless blogs, webinars, quizzes, conversations, coaching. 

I’ve searched the terrain. 

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Addicted? Arm raised….

83 days of no booze and 7 days of no Facebook. Talk about detox central. No small things for this little boozing social media mouse!

I’ve done all manner of detoxes when my body has asked for it. But to date, I have never done the combo of alcohol and social media.

And so it begins.

But why? Why did I even think this was necessary?

The older I get the more in tune I get with my body. The more I notice things that feel like freedom and light and expansive and the more I notice things that make me feel anxious, overwhelmed and contracted.

I was scrolling through Facebook recently and felt like I had entered a foreign land.

Comparison-ville. Green. Lush. Filtered.

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Smorgasbord #1

Personal growth and wellbeing tools are one of my loves.

I love the smorgasbord of options available to all of us to increase our sense of purpose and support living a meaningful life. Opportunities to taste experiences and wisdom that might connect with me and that I might be able to share with others.

So, I kinda just felt like sharing some of my most fave resources with you.

I don’t consider myself a teacher, despite recently thinking I kinda fit that role.

I consider myself more of a seeker. As someone who seeks stuff out that is of interest that might useful to improve the quality of my life, and then, well pass that on.

I am not affiliated with any of the groups or authors or other things I highlight. Purely just for the love of sharing.

Seeker to seeker.

I am sure that along your seeking path you have come across so many amazing resources as well, and I’d love for you to share them with me too.

I’ll break it up into categories for easier reference.


Books are like my friends. Wise friends who are willing to share their stories and wisdom and who are really, really quiet. Friends that I can shut up without offending. Friends that don’t fight. And friends that make me smile and let me feel like I am not alone in this thing called life. I carry them with me wherever I go.

I’ll introduce you to a few friends now. I want to share many of them, but for now, a little chunk might be better to digest than a big arse 25 course meal.