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Overwhelmed? Yeah, I get it human.

Argh. I just sat down to write and I need to wee. And I don’t want to stand up and go do the thing I know I need to.

Anyone else ever do that?

There is a list of things that I ‘should’ be doing right now and all I really want to do is write. It’s my play. It’s my peace.

And so, when I look at the gazillion things that I need to attend to, I feel stressed. Overwhelmed. Heavy.

Humans are easily overwhelmed these days. With so much information flooding in at any given moment, so many pulling distractions and pushing expectations. No wonder so many humans are exhausted all of the time.

I was listening to a chat this morning by Martha Beck (please, please, acquaint yourself with her work) about overwhelm. About the ‘too much to do’ stuff.

In that little chat I was reminded of what we all ‘know’ in our deepest places to be true, but seem to constantly and persistently over look.

We seem to forget that if we are fortunate to be reading this, or being distracted by first world problems, then we have some control over where we put our energy.

Or maybe I am the one to forget this. Often.

We seem to forget that creating anything or doing anything from a place of overwhelm and anxiety doesn’t actually produce anything more than exactly that. It seems to be self perpetuating.

Obviously we forget, because we keep doing it, right?

Can someone remind me the definition of insanity over here??

So, what do we do?

How do we navigate this overwhelming world we are in?

Well, it is simple. But it seems that us humans are not particularly interested in the simple stuff. The more complicated and convoluted the solution the better it must be.

“It can’t be that simple”, we say when we are offered the solutions. So, we continue to run the same patters.

Well, what if we did this really crazy thing and just tried, for a week, this really simple practice to manage overwhelm. And see what happens.

Now, before your brain encourages you to roll your eyes right now, and then encourage your mouth to say with a big sigh, “I don’t have time this week for another thing to do for jimminy crickets sake”, lets just have a play.

And there are a few clues in that last paragraph as to what some of the ‘simple’ might be.

Can you guess?



Breathing. It’s so easy right? We do it all the time. Unconsciously. Thank god, or we would be dead.

But breathing intentionally. Focussed breathing. Deeply. Into the depths of our lungs.

You already ‘know’ this right?

You already know the power of breath? But if you don’t, find your way to a yoga class. Fin your way to the Wim Hoff method. Find your way to an online zen meditation thing. Find your way to learn to breathe.

In fact, right here, right now, lets you and me breathe.

Imagine that you have a post it note held up in front of you. Imagine you are running your finger slowly across the top of the note for an inhale, and pause when you get to the corner for a second or so. And then down the right side for an exhale and pause at the corner, then along the bottom for an inhale and up the left side for an exhale.



And if you are feeling really overwhelmed, do another round. And another.

Calm. The. Farm.

Have a chat with yourself. Reassure yourself. Remind yourself you are on your team. Remember that you aren’t alone and these feelings we ALL can relate to.

Then, the next simple part is not easy. Simple, but not easy.


Make 30 minutes to play!

What is your play? What brings you peace?

Do ou love to write, do you love to read, do you love to dance, do you love music? These are some of my play things.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLAY THINGS (hmmm, maybe don’t share all your play things).

What brings you peace?

If you don’t know, it is time to try some stuff out. And here is a hint, your body will say YES when you consider it. Your mind will tell you you are dumb. But your body will let you know the truth.

And right now, my body is telling me that if I don’t move toward the toilet I will surely wet myself. And really, I can’t be bothered with the mess, so…see you in a ‘wee’ while.

Ew. Yep. I went there!

That was fun! Thanks for playing! Oh, and check out the songs at the bottom that ‘played’ along too!

Until next we meet,

Be brave, show up and share beautiful you.


PS: what’s your play? What brings you peace? I’d love to hear. Always looking for more ways to play and peace out!

PPS: Songs playing as I write this : HERE and HERE. Second song really grooves with this theme!!



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You Ain’t That Different to Me….

Can you believe it is nearly July? Jooo-lie. You lie…:D I wish I lie!


But here we are. I am right here with you.
We are now well over half way through the year and it is a really great time to check in and have a wee review of the year thus far.


It is tempting for the mind to go to all the things that we haven’t yet attended to, all the stuff that hasn’t been completed, the failings, the things that went to shit, or didn’t go anywhere at all…..all the stuff.


I find it easy to review and think, “well, nothing went to plan at all…what the frangipani actually happened?”


If you are like me and have a year or even a few years of ‘not going to plan’, and like me you wonder if you are on the right path because of all the obstacles that have been thrown up….I just wanted to pop in and explore the possibility that things not going to plan IS the plan!
So lets all take a big arse inhale and exhale and open up to the possibility that all of this stuff is exactly what is meant for you to experience.


Maybe you’ll remember that there is nothing outside of yourself you can control. The only control we have, is over whether we see things are negatively impacting us or positively shaping us.


Some life shit is really difficult to understand at the time, I know….one step at a time, one decision at a time, one breath at a time…and soon you will understand what the professor of pain and discomfort has come to teach you.
  Whatever you are facing right now, you can deal with it. Because you are that person. I know you are, because you’re not that different to me.


Keep breathing. Keep planning. Keep having stuff in the way of the plan.


Big love.