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I don’t think I’ve ever told you…

I was chatting with another Humanary recently about how we take for granted sometimes that people just ‘know’ what we offer in terms of our services. 

During that chat, it occurred to me that I hadn’t really shared with you all, what it actually means to work with me. 

So I thought I’d spend a moment and just give you the low down. 

Before I ‘knew’ what life coaching was, I had never had a therapy session or a coaching session or had experienced personal mentoring and yet, I had all kinds of ideas about what it must be. 

I imagined that it would be sitting in a room and talking about stuff and then I’d have a few ah-ha moments and then I’d leave and go back in a month or so and do pretty much the same.

Humanary Life Coaching is not like that. 

It’s really more like a couple of folks who off on an adventure. Like two curious scientists or investigators, searching though and looking for clues together and celebrating when we find some treasures that might have been hidden under a rock, or behind a tree. 

While it is hard to say exactly what happens once you engage me as your Humanary Life Coach, what you can expect is that you will be supported to: 

  • find your natural gifts and talents (often they are not what you think either)
  • speak and be deeply heard
  • pay attention to the clues that life is giving you and how to interpret them
  • identify and uproot the weeds of ongoing inhibition so that you can take inspired action
  • discover tools to help deal with practical life obstacles i.e relationship problems, boundary setting, health complaints, parenting decisions
  • uncover all kinds of wonderful hidden insights about you!!

Specifically, here are some things that you definitely can expect. 

Before we work together, we have a 30 minute ‘see if we vibe’ session, it’s free and is done over the ZOOM platform (like skype). I’ll do a bit of talkie talk about me, ask you a few questions and you will do some talkie talk and then I determine whether I can support you and you determine whether you want to work with me. 

If you decide I might be able to help you find alignment with who you are and what you are here to do on the planet, then you decide what package best suits you.

It might be a 3 month, 4 months or 6 month package depending on what level of support you feel is appropriate. All of them have their own special juice and you feel into what tastes best for you. 

Once that is sorted, I send you out some highly informative self reflection activities, intention exploration and personality quizzes for you to complete.

After they have been submitted, we schedule a time to have our first face to face session (90 minutes). Again, this is done via ZOOM which offers the flexibility of being able to connect any where in the world. 

At the beginning of all our sessions we do a brief grounding meditation, and then I will ask a few questions to which you ideally respond, and I will listen deeply.

I might ask a few more clarifying questions to help us find blind spots and patterns that are getting in the way of you getting the results you want. 

I might give some bio-psycho-social education, or connect you with a resource to support where you are at. I might share a story or an example of someone who has overcome what you are dealing with.  

Together during the session we will come up with some inspired (and sometimes uncomfortable) action steps based on what shows up in each session, to help you take steps toward what it is you came here to do. 

Each week I review your actions and send an email with resources for support and or some clarity on what is showing up and how to navigate potential and actual obstacles.

If you get stuck, you email me. If something comes up, you email me. If you have a win, you email me. I’m right there all the way along. 

If you are so frustrated with your inability to get momentum and or keep momentum, I can help you see what is in the way, and get you back on track again. 

If you are sick of trying to work it all out on your own, I got you. 

If you are doing all the things and still feel like you are defeated, I’m right here. 

Is it going to be rainbows and unicorns? Nope. 

Is it going to be like a theme park… (well, there are roller coasters…so maybe)?

Is it going to be filled with ah-ha’s and lightbulbs and opportunities to break patterns that aren’t vibing with you anymore.

Hell yeah! 

Click on the offerings button to find out more. xx

Big love

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The room I was most afraid of.

It seems a little hypocritical of me to write to you about stillness, because honestly, stillness and I are only really just becoming aquatinted. Like properly! 

For the longest time, stillness existed only as a room. A room with the door wide open, clean, light and fragrant. Open and spacious with wide windows and speckled light. And yet, with all it’s beauty, I felt like stillness might offer me beauty and then once I was in there, all hell would break loose and it would become a dark forest, like all the fairytales would have us see. 

I would walk past this room, time and time again, usually with arms filled with clothes for the laundry or I’d rush past on my way out the door, scurrying kids in front of me.

Sometimes I would stand near the doorway.

I’d stand there shallow breathing and sneak my head around the corner to catch a glimpse of the beauty, promising myself that after I had done ‘all the things’ and when I was ’emotionally prepared’ for what it may offer me, I would be able to retreat there. But still, I was afraid of what I might find!

Often the scent of stillness would sweep like a feather under my nose and I’d find myself lifting my head, eyes closed and I’d seem to lose control of my body finding myself drifting toward the room. Effortlessly floating on a warm river current.

Then, just before I cross the threshold, my eyes would open and start gasping inhaling water from the river, coughing and spluttering.

“Idiot! You don’t have time for stillness”, my mind whispers sinisterly, ‘There are far more important things to be doing than sitting in that room doing nothing for christ sake”. Louder and louder it tends to get. “Stillness is for other people who aren’t as busy as you”. And, “What does stillness really give you anyway, does it earn you any money?”

It wasn’t until several illnesses, a surgery and the potential fatal illness in our daughter compounding on top of each other, when I was shoved in the middle of my shoulder blades into this mysterious room of stillness. Tripping and stumbling as I was shoved repeatedly, I found myself flat on the floor looking up, unable to move. Literally. 

Stillness welcomed me, like I imagine the father of the prodigal daughter welcomed her. Arms were wide, welcoming me in,  like the dawn each morning as it welcomes the sun.

“Ive been waiting for you sweet one. Stay as long as you need”, whispered stillness. “You have much to find here that will fill your soul”. 

I’d been so afraid of stillness, for so so long. Scared she would share with me truths that once known, couldn’t be unknown. Afraid she would lure all my monsters to the fore and I would be taken down and defeated by the brutality that exists in the dark recesses. 

As I lay, unable to move, unable to fight, the monsters, they did come, just as I’d expected. And, interestingly  they went again. I watched them march in, stomping and threatening. My monsters are mean. Angry. And my monsters are timid and afraid. I watched them. I heard them. And just as stillness had offered me space to be, I so did to my monsters.

We sat, all together and soon, the monsters after roaring and snarling. But intriguingly, with some space, started to whimper and sob. And soon, they left.

Stillness smiled and I smiled back. She began to share her wisdom and I listened. She showed me truth. Truth that I was so afraid of, and yet when it was shown, freed me from my suffering. She shares a kind of wisdom that I believed was only available to the masters, the sages and the enlightened. 

Our culture is quick to look to someone else to tell us what is best for our life, when what is true, is that only I know what is best for mine and you know what is best for you. Only many of us have forgotten how to follow the breadcrumbs home to our truths.

Stillness waits now, not just in a room, but in the next step I take in front of me. Beside me when I turn to look at the trees. Above me as I gaze at the sky. On me, as I feel the clothes on my skin. She is everywhere and invites me to be with her. To stay for a while. And when I listen, I find what I seek and sometimes I don’t.

But there is something that is magical about stillness and her wise presence. Something that adds a vibrancy to my experience, one that I was really skeptical about. I notice I am less agitated when I spend time with her and more calm and more….aware of what is good for me.

I notice that when I spend time in stillness, things that trouble me, seem to drift away. Ideas come more freely and a sense of ‘care but don’t care’ falls around me.

May you find the answers to your questions, by visiting the wisdom that is your own stillness.


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An unexpected gift for me on his birthday??

My father in law turned 70 recently. We had a party. His sister brought him the best present….and unexpectedly, gave me the best gift as well.

I run workshops. Personal introspection kind of workshops. An opportunity to check out of the ‘same ol’ same ol’ routine and going through the motions – and check in. Deep in.