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To trust has been a street fight for me….Like really trust.

If you have followed me for a while, you may remember me writing about the moment when I was 11 when I had this inkling that my father wasn’t my father.

That inkling soon turned into a full blown knowing, that at that age I didn’t really know how to explain and so when I shared the feeling with my poor, unsuspecting, neighbour, I am pretty sure she thought their friend may have been going cray-zee.

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Why the humans don’t want your help…

I was having a chat with a fellow practitioner recently and she was really feeling the feels around folks who are simply not willing to accept help. She was feeling super frustrated that she had been doing so much to try to support a human who was simply not willing to do the work. 

After a long and very helpful cathartic ‘owning her story’ we got into the rumble. 

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Addicted? Arm raised….

83 days of no booze and 7 days of no Facebook. Talk about detox central. No small things for this little boozing social media mouse!

I’ve done all manner of detoxes when my body has asked for it. But to date, I have never done the combo of alcohol and social media.

And so it begins.

But why? Why did I even think this was necessary?

The older I get the more in tune I get with my body. The more I notice things that feel like freedom and light and expansive and the more I notice things that make me feel anxious, overwhelmed and contracted.

I was scrolling through Facebook recently and felt like I had entered a foreign land.

Comparison-ville. Green. Lush. Filtered.