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This is a massive love/hate for me…

As you know, I work with women who are smart, educated, big hearted and want to make an impact in a positive way in the world. 

I love it. 

I’ve just gotten off ZOOM after a session with my coach/mentor. 

I love it…..and I hate it. 

I love it because I get to see blind spots, learn more about myself, feel supported, know someone is on my team and get to explore the truth of stuff. 

But I hate it because it brings to the surface a whole lot of uncomfortable feelings. It means I have to action that might trigger fear and self judgement or being rejected. Urgh. Yuk!

And humans (and I am very human) tend to not like discomfort.

Hence why we have problems with over half the western world being overweight by numbing out with food. Why alcohol is consumed to intoxicating amounts frequently. Why people gossip. Why we spend too much time on social media. Why we isolate ourselves. 

And I hate feeling uncomfortable. I do. 

We are not fans of discomfort, so I know I am not the only one. 

And yet, it is part of being human. 

The more I honour discomfort as being just a part of humaning, the more brave I am noticing I become. 

The more I walk through it instead of avoiding it, the more empowered I feel. 

The more I accept that part of humaning is to be supported, the more powerful I feel. 

I use the word AND a lot on my coaching sessions….and in my life! 

I feel so uncomfortable and afraid of the outcome AND I am willing to be supported to move through it. 

I don’t like confrontation or contributing to the discomfort of others AND I am committed to speaking my truth. 

I want to hide away from the world at times AND I want to make a massive impact. 

I don’t enjoy the feelings of having to confront my unsupportive beliefs AND I love the freedom of clarity. 

I hate working with a coach AND I love it. 

We are allowed to experience a full range of emotions, and feelings. We are human. 

But we are not meant to do it alone. 

Things in my life really began to change once I accepted that even though I know a shit tonne and have qualifications in a variety of areas, UNTIL I was willing to be seen and heard and supported, things wouldn’t really gain momentum. 

I am committed to be supported. 

I have to be, because my mission in the world is to support. 

And I can’t do what I am not willing to receive! 

Is there an area in your life you are loving and hating right now? 

Is there an area you are not willing to receive in? 

How are you at accepting support? 

If you want to make some changes, you have to feel some discomfort AND you will be okay. 

We got you

Until next we meet, keep being brave, keep showing up and keep sharing imperfect you.

Big love

PS. I offer 3, 4 and 6 month support packages. These are a great gateway to group mentor support too. All the deets are in the ‘offerings’ link. xx

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I don’t think I’ve ever told you…

I was chatting with another Humanary recently about how we take for granted sometimes that people just ‘know’ what we offer in terms of our services. 

During that chat, it occurred to me that I hadn’t really shared with you all, what it actually means to work with me. 

So I thought I’d spend a moment and just give you the low down. 

Before I ‘knew’ what life coaching was, I had never had a therapy session or a coaching session or had experienced personal mentoring and yet, I had all kinds of ideas about what it must be. 

I imagined that it would be sitting in a room and talking about stuff and then I’d have a few ah-ha moments and then I’d leave and go back in a month or so and do pretty much the same.

Humanary Life Coaching is not like that. 

It’s really more like a couple of folks who off on an adventure. Like two curious scientists or investigators, searching though and looking for clues together and celebrating when we find some treasures that might have been hidden under a rock, or behind a tree. 

While it is hard to say exactly what happens once you engage me as your Humanary Life Coach, what you can expect is that you will be supported to: 

  • find your natural gifts and talents (often they are not what you think either)
  • speak and be deeply heard
  • pay attention to the clues that life is giving you and how to interpret them
  • identify and uproot the weeds of ongoing inhibition so that you can take inspired action
  • discover tools to help deal with practical life obstacles i.e relationship problems, boundary setting, health complaints, parenting decisions
  • uncover all kinds of wonderful hidden insights about you!!

Specifically, here are some things that you definitely can expect. 

Before we work together, we have a 30 minute ‘see if we vibe’ session, it’s free and is done over the ZOOM platform (like skype). I’ll do a bit of talkie talk about me, ask you a few questions and you will do some talkie talk and then I determine whether I can support you and you determine whether you want to work with me. 

If you decide I might be able to help you find alignment with who you are and what you are here to do on the planet, then you decide what package best suits you.

It might be a 3 month, 4 months or 6 month package depending on what level of support you feel is appropriate. All of them have their own special juice and you feel into what tastes best for you. 

Once that is sorted, I send you out some highly informative self reflection activities, intention exploration and personality quizzes for you to complete.

After they have been submitted, we schedule a time to have our first face to face session (90 minutes). Again, this is done via ZOOM which offers the flexibility of being able to connect any where in the world. 

At the beginning of all our sessions we do a brief grounding meditation, and then I will ask a few questions to which you ideally respond, and I will listen deeply.

I might ask a few more clarifying questions to help us find blind spots and patterns that are getting in the way of you getting the results you want. 

I might give some bio-psycho-social education, or connect you with a resource to support where you are at. I might share a story or an example of someone who has overcome what you are dealing with.  

Together during the session we will come up with some inspired (and sometimes uncomfortable) action steps based on what shows up in each session, to help you take steps toward what it is you came here to do. 

Each week I review your actions and send an email with resources for support and or some clarity on what is showing up and how to navigate potential and actual obstacles.

If you get stuck, you email me. If something comes up, you email me. If you have a win, you email me. I’m right there all the way along. 

If you are so frustrated with your inability to get momentum and or keep momentum, I can help you see what is in the way, and get you back on track again. 

If you are sick of trying to work it all out on your own, I got you. 

If you are doing all the things and still feel like you are defeated, I’m right here. 

Is it going to be rainbows and unicorns? Nope. 

Is it going to be like a theme park… (well, there are roller coasters…so maybe)?

Is it going to be filled with ah-ha’s and lightbulbs and opportunities to break patterns that aren’t vibing with you anymore.

Hell yeah! 

Click on the offerings button to find out more. xx

Big love

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It’s so hard to ask for help..

🍂 I’ve been a ‘helper human’ for most of my life, and so it’s not a surprise that I ended up in all of my professional capacities as a helper. *insert Registered Nurse, Community Corrections Officer, Outdoor Educator, Life Coach*

So, I come in contact with a lot of humans that want support and help. 

And over the years, I have noticed that there are people who seem to be able to receive support and as a result, they go from crawling through the day, to getting traction and eventually flying. 

I was not one of these people. 

I was the person who was doing all the things, all on my own, by myself and stubbornly ‘dealing with it’. 

I was the helper, and I didn’t want to be helped. 

It wasn’t until my life got to a place where there was two roads for me to go down. 

Ask for help or dissolve into a puddle of nothingness and endless suffering. 

I was educated in helping with post graduate degree’s and all. I thought I ‘knew all the things’. And yet, all the things weren’t f*cking helping. 

When finally, finally…..I made a call to make an appointment with a fellow helper person. And while my life did not change radically initially, it was the absolute catalyst for taking me to where I am now. 

I get to help the humans. 

And my next adventure which I am SUPER excited about is to help the helper humans. 

Helper humans, or Humanaries as I like to call them. They are what the planet needs right now. 

If you feel like you are on this planet to help, but are feeling burnt out, or unsure of how to help or overwhelmed with all the help that is needed, I know EXACTLY how that feels. 

If you are a helper that is having difficulty getting your message to the people that need help…I hear you. 

If you feel like you are too busy on all the things that just keep life moving but feel the call to do ‘something else’ that might feed your soul, I get it. 

And I can help. 

🍂 If you aren’t already on my email list where I share SO MUCH HELPER stuff, then jump on it. Of course, it’s free. And funny. And I share some serious life stuff in there. http://eepurl.com/cr8SbH

🍂 If you want one on one support, you can take advantage of my free 30 minute “see if we vibe” session and see if I can actually help. And if I can’t, I can give you some signposts to other helper humans who might be able to. https://www.fresha.com/jen-lean-emotional-anatomy-practiton…

🍂 If you are at that point where you are ready to help more humans but know you need help to do that, then you could choose a coaching package that might suit you. https://linktr.ee/humaning_with_jen

In the meantime, if you want to take a turtle step and just touch something that might help in a gentle way, I recommend you get the book, “Steering by Starlight” by Martha Back.

Or if podcasts are more your thing, go check out The Mastin Kipp Podcast…it’s specifically for the helper humans. Humanaries. 

Until next we meet, keep being brave, keep showing up and keep sharing beautiful you. 


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Being original is tricky these days…

India Arie is one of my soul animals.

She is epically original, but not trying to be original, she is simply just being herself.

She reminds me that even though there have been many singers before her, and will be many singers after her, she still has a place to sing.

It’s no secret India had a really rough few years a while back, not because she did anything wrong, but simply because she is human and to be human is hard as fuck.

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What is this ‘resistance’ thing?

Can I let you in on a little secret? 

If you have a dream, or a desire to do ANYTHING in the world you are going to experience resistance. 

Resistance is like the shadow that casts when your dream is presented. 

So, the bigger the dream, the bigger the shadow it casts. 

And my love, resistance is just like gravity. It is a law that EVERYONE experiences. And how we deal with resistance will determine how far we go!

Here are what Steve Pressfield (author of “the war of art” – which I highly recommend) considers are the top causes for eliciting resistance:

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The sun is one of many stars, like you…

Hello beauty!! 

It can some times feel like, with all the people doing all the things, that we really don’t matter much. 

We can look left and look right and see that all the humaning things looked to be covered off by other folks. 

And so we wonder what on earth we have to contribute and what we might be able to offer in this big wide world. And so, we don’t do anything. 

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When Did You Stop?

I don’t know a lot of folks that do exactly what I do. But I know MANY folks that deliver their ways of mending and helping.

Perhaps, that is why for the longest time I found it really hard to define myself in a title. Because my stuff, isn’t like other people’s stuff, even though I really wanted it to be. I really wanted to ‘fit in’ with a particular way. Maybe old age, and lack of effs to give have made it easier to not even care about fitting in.

Sometimes it is hard for folks to understand what it really means to have someone offer them intuitively guided information. I mean, what even is that? What woo-woo, charlatan, con-man bullshit are you talking about?

I get it! I really do!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we were as skeptical about our own internal negative bullshit stories as we were about mystics!

For thousands of years, humans have been able to tap into energies of the universe. Mystics. Menders. Healers. Prophets. Visionaries. Witches. Shaman. Wayfarers. Stargazers. Lightworkers.

It is part of being human to experience mystical and magical experiences. But because our dominant culture is one that, lets face it, is pretty cerebral and in the head, it isn’t really celebrated. Or talked about. Logical. Must make it fit into concrete explainable terms. Otherwise is it fluffy, flakey, woo woo BS. And we don’t believe any of that BS do we?

And I completely get it. I’m a bit of a pragmatist and science lover. My formal school and university training is in the ‘real world’. Evidence based practice. Most of my educators at university were doctors. Doctors, who at times, I know questioned why mere nurses even needed to know the stuff they were teaching us. And 99% of them were male.

I like evidence. I like proof. But the evidence and the proof I have come to seek, is my own. I try stuff out and experience stuff to make my own interpretation of it. And frankly that is all we have. Our own perceptions of what is offered to us to experience.

I am so grateful for my education and to live in a country where I have access to formal recognition. Where I can receive certificates and papers to ‘prove’ I am competent at stuff. I am grateful for my qualifications, that have allowed me to work in the ‘real’ world. To march along with all the other ‘real’ worlders. To be patted on the back for all my ‘nice nursing’.

AND I am grateful to have left it behind. To have left behind the kind of healing methods that don’t vibe with my essential self. The ways of ‘helping’ that are focussed on a particular system or one size fits all. I just don’t believe there is one way. Despite my religious ‘drumming into’s’ that told me so.

From the youngest age, I have had the ability to be aware of things, without any evidence, without any proof. Things that just don’t feel right. Things that seem untruthful. Things that don’t add up. And I am not talking about maths kind of add, because math and I are not mates.

Instead, I have had what I can only describe as a ‘hmmmmm’  feeling. You know the little emoji that has a hand under his chin and looks up to the left. Like that. A wondering. A curiosity. A ‘something more needs attention here’. And nowadays, if I choose to, I follow it.

But back when I was a kid, no one talked about ‘knowing’. No one talked about understanding things that didn’t seem understandable.

When I was maybe 10-ish, I was staying at my next door neighbours house for a sleep over. Which wasn’t uncommon. She had a step mother, that at the time, she thought really was an evil step mother. Her step mother couldn’t have children and had inherited 2 pre-teen daughters when she was in her late 20’s. She was doing her best, but her best didn’t cut it with my mate.

One afternoon, as we lay on the bunks after being scolded and slapped (yes slapped) by her step mother, we started talking about stuff other than Madonnas new song, Flashdance outfits and which did we prefer more; her Micheal Jackson or Boy George figurine.

“I hate my step mum”, my mate said.

“It must be tough”, I said.

Long Pause.

“At least you know she isn’t your mum though. I don’t think my dad is my dad”.

Longer pause.

She eventually tossed her head over the bunk to look at me. Maybe to see if I was in my mind or not.

“Are you crazy? What do you mean not your dad?”

This was the first of many times, I have been looked at as ‘crazy’ because of some of the things I have felt. And for a very long time, I boxed the feelings up. Shut them down. And in fact, didn’t want to know.

Laying on that bed, I didn’t really know how to tell her that I just had this feeling. That there were things that didn’t make sense to me and even though I had no evidence, they felt true or not true.

So how did I ‘know’?

You, like me are a natural mystic. All humans are. It’s hard to swallow I know. Because not many of us were raised to believe this. To know that everything we need to ‘know’ exists already with in us.

Unfortunately, for many of us what we have learnt about the world has been governed by other people. And those people, have taught us not to believe ourselves, but to believe other people. To just listen and believe and trust. Have faith and don’t question. Follow the masses. Control. Submission. Repression.

And I say all of this, calling you not to believe me either.

Never believe anything that doesn’t vibe with you. Not that we just discount everything we encounter, but allow some space to feel it. Is it true for YOU.

Close your eyes from time to time and see in your body where this falls. And what it feels like. Notice if you have ‘hmmmm’ feelings. Pay attention to them. Notice them. Allow them to visit.

Not many folks that I have encountered use songs to help heal or for personal growth.

Very, very few folks have I encountered who specifically use songs, books, cards and their own intuition to help support folks on their humming adventure.

If you know of any, please tell me. They are my soul folk. We have work to do together.

My point here beauties, is there is more wisdom, more magic and more manifestation power that is in you than you may actually believe.

It is time to connect with your own intuition, your own inner guidance system, your mystical and your magical.

I’ve been doing a lot of Soul Visioning with folks recently, and time after time, I am blown away by the magic that comes to play when we connect. And the take homes that folks gather in their little baskets.

A few of the offerings I have collated to support humaning adventures are located here, if you haven’t already seen them.

You are a miracle. You are not here by accident. The amount of events that had to conspire to create you are in the billions.

YOU are magical. YOU are mystical. YOU are light.

Until next we meet, be brave, show up and share beautiful, unique you.

Big love




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I Know You Weren’t Expecting This….

You had the best plans for this year right?

The beginning of the year you set out with all these dreams of “This year..this is my year”.

You felt optimistic. You felt inspired. You had had some things that didn’t go your way the last few years, and you felt like everything you had been through was leading you to this point. This moment. Your moment. Life was going to change directions.

You could all but hear the Angels singing their chorus in celebration of you.

Air fist-pump.

Game on girl. You got this.

You did you vision boards. You did your year planner. You declare it on social media. “This is going to be a frickin’ great year”. And you believe it. You completely consume yourself with dreams of how it is going to go.

It’s chock a block filled with the stuff you love.

You don’t action anything until February because you know from past experience that January is just a right off.

So everything is #February.

The next thing. The next adventure. The next. The next.

February comes and goes.

Now it is #March. And then you get injured. Debilitated. In excruciating pain. And so all your focus is on getting through each day. Each fucking painful day.

But your plans? Your perfect plans. What happens to them?

“It’s okay”, you say to yourself, “You can still make it, the year is long”.

So you stay focussed on all the stuff you love. All the stuff you want to do.

Then things take a turn and you are in so much pain that you cannot see of be anything other than the person in so much pain. White hot pain. Pain so intense that you just need to escape it.

Bowen therapy. Acupuncture. Naturopathy. Osteo. Chiro. Physio. Kahuna. But the pain persists. Cold light therapy. Psychology. Medication. Pain. Escalating. Stronger medication. Constipation. Mind fuck.

Welcome to the last resort. Surgery.

Spinal surgery no less. The spine where all that important stuff lies. In there. Deep.

You are so afraid of the outcome..more afraid than you have been before…but you are so desperate to relieve the pain that you are willing to put your entire well being in the hands of someone else you hope to fuck has a decidedly impressive skill in this operating on spine department.

You have the operation.

In the recovery room, you wake crying and not because you see a big fish staring at you from the wall. The nurse asks why you are crying, to which you say, “I made it out alive…I thought I was going to die”.

You are grateful that the universe didn’t respond to your call to “End this pain, I don’t care if it is my life that ends”.

You notice that that white hot pain has disappeared. That you don’t have that psychosis inducing distraction ripping through your body.

And you exhale.

And recovery begins.

And for a moment you look at the rest of the year. “The year is long, there is still time”.

As you prepare to leave the hospital you begin dreaming about what to do when you fully recover. What adventures. What creations.

And then as you are about to leave, you hear your child is really unwell.

“Must be gastro”, you say.

Few days later you realise that this isn’t gastro when finally your baby isolates the pain to the lower part of her abdomen. And because you can’t drive you call your husband to take your girl to the same hospital that you have just left.

You feel pain again! This time the pain feels different. It is a deep gut pain. A deeper heart pain. Your baby. Your child is in pain now. This is a new pain that overtakes your body. And for a split second you wish you could take all your pain back so you r baby doesn’t have to feel that pain.

In a few hours she would follow your hospital bed wheel marks and she will be looking around a sterile room with a bunch of unfamiliar faces looking at her. Asking the same questions over and over and over.

You’ve just had spinal surgery, so you can’t sit. You have to stand until you can’t stand anymore and then you have to go and lay down.

Wherever you can.

Including the floor of the hospital.

You wait.

Laying on the floor of the waiting room. You’re not alone and you think ‘thank fuck for that or I would be a risk to myself”.

2 hours pass. Your gut is flipping with fear. Anxiety takes it’s grip and your mind starts to envisage all of the worst case scenarios. And they are bad. All of them.

Finally, on the brink of charging the operating theatre to ask ‘what the fuck”? and make sure they are doing everything right, he appears.

The guy who may have just saved your child. Restored them at the very least.

He shows you all the pictures he has taken of inside your baby. These pictures are not worthy of any wellness magazine. More like the first screen shot of a horror film.

It’s messy in there.

But she made it through and you exhale and cry.

The best days are still ahead. You know this.

You battle to visit your baby girl because you aren’t able to drive because of your back. It is still healing from surgery. You feel helpless. You feel challenged. You feel exhausted. But you carry on.

Your family bumbles along and you are supported by earth angels who drive you around, make meals for you and your family to eat. Clearly someone has noticed how much weight you have put on through all of this stuff and you even get a Weight Watchers Risotto in the mix. Once you would have cared. Now you just laugh.

You weren’t to know, but the next wave was building and was about to hit your family again.

That same bubba girl begins to deteriorate again.

It’s a blur and before you all know it you are back at that same hospital.

“I’ve reviewed the ultrasound and she has 2 abscesses that need to be drained”.

“More surgery?” you all sing.


And the wheels turn again.

The bed moves into the sterility.

The fear isn’t as fierce. You worry that you aren’t more afraid. You worry you should be more scared.

You exhale and surrender. You trust.

The waiting beings. Again.

You have a room to lay down in and wait this time. So no laying on the ground in the waiting room.

It’s just you and your rock. Your support person. The person that you spent years not really allowing to step up and be supportive of you, because you were so used to be the strong one. The independent one.

And you both wait. Waiting again for the face of the doctor and this time hoping the images he takes aren’t as gruesome.

You talk about your other bubba’s and take a moment to be grateful for how amazing they are as well. Pulling together and supporting their sister.

You reflect on how gutsy your kids are. Their individual knock downs and their stand ups. Their emotional whacks and their strength and vulnerability.

You both realise how blessed you are and wonder how you got so lucky.

The call comes to visit your girl in the recovery room. No one else is there except your baby and the nurses attending to her. Taking her temperature. Feeding her lemonade ice block. She’s crying. She’s in pain. You desperately want to take that pain again.

You feel bad for ever complaining about your own pain. It seems so small in comparison to seeing your baby in pain. You hold the tears back with all of your might. Tears that for the last 4 months you have just let flow.

But you hold them. For her. She has seen you cry so many times now. And you hold it. Just. Knowing that soon she will be asleep again and you can release the pressure.

And then she sleeps. And you watch her precious face. Face of an angel. An angel that feels the heaviness of being a human. You know intimately how that feels.

And you cry.

She wakes in pain. She independently presses the buzzer for he nurse. “I have a lot of pain. 6 out of 10. Can I have something to help my pain please”?

And she gradually feels better. The drip machine makes noise and when before she didn’t hear it because of her pain and daze, she hears it and complains. You know she is improving. You sense your body relaxing. It’s been well tense.

Nurse after nurse pours love and support over our family. With each medication delivery, bed pan, sips of water to each firm encouragement to get up and moving, you feel supported and encouraged.

The best days are still ahead…maybe? Surely.

And just like the day you brought her home form the hospital after she was born, you take the driveway exit really gently not to cause too much shock movement in the car. To startle her body. Inhaled.


The storm has passed and the waves have retracted.




Multiple games of UNO ensue. You lose and you love it.

You bathe in the joy that your baby is better. Is getting stronger. And goes back to school.

And in the quiet you realise that the 2017 plan was never going to offer you what you expected.

You in fact, were gifted with so much more than you expected.

You wanted to have the opportunity to connect in deeper and more raw way with your family. Could you have had a better opportunity?

You see that you could never have organised a better way to deepen the connection with your husband.

You notice that your tribe are your tribe for a reason.

You bathe in the love that folks have poured out via messenger, Facebook, SMS, and phone calls and see how loved and supported you are.

You acknowledge that it is still your growth area to ask for support and are willing to practice more…even in the times outside of the storms.

You recognise that you are still releasing pain and cleaning up some of the debris from the storm, but you are in no rush to do so. The busy has been weeded out.

You have the experience of sitting in the pain. Right deep in it. And you didn’t run. You didn’t beat yourself up (much). You felt it as much as you could and allowed yourself to step away from it as well. You were actually practicing being brave.

You thank pain and bid it farewell. Thank you for your visit.

And just as you are about to attempt to return to your ‘usual’ life, the specialist says, “I fear there is another collection in her abdomen. She’ll need another ultrasound and more blood tests…..”.

Inhale. Exhale.

You relax into it. You don’t fight it. And maybe it is because you are completely exhausted and have no energy to spare. But maybe it is because you trust that this is ok. She is ok. And will  be ok.

You still cry. Ugly wee out your eyes cry.

You don’t deny how you are feeling. Instead you are re-reminded of what is most important to you. And reinforced that you are human and human things happen to humans and humaning is fucking hard. No news flash. It’s for real.

Stuff happens to humans irrespective of how kind they are, how much money they have, how funny, they are, how ‘healthy’ they are….unexpected stuff happens!!

AND there is so much love that exists as a human. And pain can be a gateway to deeper more unconditional love. While you have always ‘known’ this and ‘preached’ this…you actually have embodied this.

Allowing yourself permission to feel it all. And being kind with yourself when you bypass the pain….understanding you will return to heal it. Not escape button it.

And in no surprise you read a blog post by one of your favourite writers and it sums it up  for you:

Being human hurts. We try so hard to avoid this fact, doing our best to numb ourselves with various addictions, overwork, obsessive love affairs, positive psychology, and or spiritual bypassing techniques to try to “love and light” our way past the pain. But no matter how you run away from pain, pain will track you down, stalking you like a leopard until you finally dive down into it and really let it devour you. We have to go all the way into our traumas (as I described here) before it can begin to release us, open our hearts, and show us that at the pit of our pain, all we meet is (paradoxically)—unconditional love. This is what we’re so afraid of? Love? (Lissa Rankin)

And in her blog she references another of your favourite teachers:

So when we Easy button our way out we are like caterpillars who jump out of the cocoon right before we would have become butterflies. Because pain is actually not a hot potato. It’s the traveling professor and it knocks on everybody’s door, and the wisest ones say, “Come in. Sit down, and don’t leave until you’ve taught me what I need to know.” But we’ve got it all wrong. We are afraid of pain, but we were made for pain. We need to be afraid of the Easy buttons. Because the journey of the Love Warrior is to rush toward her pain and let her pain become her power. (Glennon Doyle Melton)

Something has changed within you. You can feel it. It is subtle and yet so powerful. All that time you spent thinking ‘the best is yet to come’, you see that the best is right here now. Each moment of every now.

Each card game. Each message of love. Each meal together. Each challenge.

And even though as you consider having to consider surgery number 3 for your baby girl, you know that you ‘should’ be feeling afraid and angry and shaking your fists at the sky screaming ‘why me’, ‘should’ isn’t running the show.

Instead you draw closer to the pain. Right into it’s den. You sit down across from it and you ask, “What is it you want to share with me this time wise teacher”?

To be continued……….


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Just wanted to remind you…..!

I just wanted to remind you to stop being mean to yourself. Stop.

Humaning is such a fucking adventure often loaded with barbs of pain. Massive deep driving barbs!

Humaning is filled with discomfort and errors in judgement and fucking fuck ups!

It just is.

I just wanted to remind you that this is the first time you have done this gig in this physical form.

And each moment is a completely new experience. And you haven’t navigated it ever before.

So stop being an arsehole to yourself.

Putting pressure on yourself to get everything ‘right’ and ‘perfect’.

Allow yourself to embody being a human.

I mean, isn’t that what we signed up for?

To have this human experience…this time around. And none of it you have done before because each time we encounter something, it is new. Each and every time!

So stop being a dick to yourself.

Haven’t you been mean to yourself enough? And how has that turned out?

Try some kindness.

Speak to yourself like someone you like. Speak to yourself like you are speaking to your best mate.

Love you.