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12 Years Writing this Chapter

Today marks 12 years that I have been in this chapter. Writing it collaboratively with a bunch of other humans!

This is the longest time I have spent dedicated to one thing! Achievement moment!

This chapter began expected, but yet completely unexpected.

Have you noticed that life is filled with opposing energies? The paradoxes that seem to be the foundation of life.

I mean, I am deeply introverted and crave quiet time at my soul level, but yet love to be on stage, leading workshops, facilitating retreats. I love being around other like souled humans.

And wanting to be surrounded by beautiful things, and yet, at the some time want to throw everything away and live so basically and simply with not one piece of ‘stuff’.

Feel so blessed and gushy and deeply moved to have been gifted your children and at the same time be annoyed and feel trapped or have lost freedom.

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Soul Songs

I gift songs for fun. And maybe I have a little bit of lisztomania. Is that like being a little bit pregnant I wonder?


I’m right in the middle of gifting Theme Songs for 2018. FUN!

The gift I receive from this process is that I get to infuse all of these songs into me as well.

So, I thought I might share some of the songs that consistently hit my soul personally.

May they touch yours as well.

Unlike previous blogs, these are organised into sections.

I’ll leave it to you to feel into the song titles and search them up for your good selves.

Oh and I am ALWAYS on the feel out for new songs, so feel free to send me yours! Share the good vibes. xx

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One Day She Decided……

Once up on a time there a was a really tall woman. Ok, not so much as tall as she wanted to be be tall.

One day this moderately tall woman just made  decision.

She made a decision to care about herself. Like really give a shit.

And she knew that making a decision wasn’t enough.

She had to prove it to herself. She had do the whole thing from ‘knowing’ to ‘showing’.

One day she made a decision to disappoint people. To let them down. Because she knew that to say yes to herself meant she would have to say no to others. And she knew it was time. The cost of saying yes to others meant she was saying no to herself. Too much.

One day she stopped. She stopped the running. The chasing. The needing. And she settled into the acceptance of just being enough. Believing for the first time that she had done enough. That she was enough. And exhaled in to the enough-ness.

One day she made a decision to receive. To tear up the bullshit contract she had signed with herself to be of service to everyone else and never to receive anything in return.

One day she made the decision to give herself a fucking break. To put down the beat up stick. To look herself square in the eyes in the mirror and say, “I’ve been waiting for you”, and “I totally forgive you and love you”.

One day she was okay with her imperfect body. Short. Stocky. Soft. Painful. And stopped judging the fuck out of it.

One day she made the decision to live life on her own terms. To be okay with this not vibing with others. To risk the loss of friendships. Of old patterns. Of old bullshit victim stories. She decided.

One day she genuinely decided to see what she thought were weaknesses as absolute fucking strengths. And she wore them proud. A lot.

One day she stopped waiting around for others to take action and she just took action herself.

One day she decided she was worthy of support and surrounded herself with appropriate souls to help her out!

One day she owned her gifts. And she shared them. All the time. Knowing there was always more where that came from.

One day she made a decision to show up. Proper. Raw. Authentic. Dusty. Rusty. Busted. And still know she is worthy of love and belonging.

One day she decided that she actually had everything she needed within her to light the fuck up. Bright. Full out. Big bright. And if people needed to look away because it blinded them, then look away.

One day she decided to play. To laugh. To live. Life is too fucking serious on the TV. So she turned off the TV.

One day she decided to give herself permission to parent how the fuck she felt lead to. Her way. She knows that there are a million ways to parent, and her way is love, creativity and freedom. A role without judgement. Without the pressure of her kids needing to be anything other than themselves. No rewards for academic success. But love for showing up. Uniquely them.

One day she decided to trust her soul speak. Her heart speak. Her gut speak. And her ovaries speak.

One day she told the people she loved the most, that she loved them the most. And she decided to tell them more. And more.

One day she surrendered to the truth that she could not do everything herself. And in fact. Didn’t want to anyway.

One day she accepted that some people just will not change. Ever. And that is none of her business.

One day she stopped waiting to be asked. And instead was brave enough to ask herself!

One day she decided to tell the truth about how she felt. In the moment. Without shame. Knowing that honouring that feeling, the energy would move on like a wave, instead of getting stuck in the judgement kink!

One day she decided to stop justifying herself and her decisions.

One day she emailed people who she wanted to work with, connect with, talk to and learn from.

One day she decided that she can change her mind. At any time. and not beat up on herself for it. It’s her life. Her way.

Her way.

One day.

One day at a time.

One decision.

At a time.

To be continued………………

Soon, as always, I’d love to hear!

What is your ONE decision on this ONE day?

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My 3 testers. No, not testies!

What are the things that you do that are like, so easy and effortless for you?

The things that when you do it and you get feedback you’re all like, “Um, well, everyone can do that?”.

What are those things?

Maybe it’s your ability to walk into a room and make connections easily.

Maybe it is sensing how folks are feeling just by being next to them.

Maybe it is whipping up a kick ares FB status that gets everyone excited and inspired.

Maybe it is helping folks with parenting issues, or friendship issues or relationships issues or technical issues.

Often we overlook our strengths because they come completely natural to us.

We just assume that what we can do comes naturally to everyone else.


And how are you using those gifts? The world is a better place if we are using our gifts in it! 

I have met a lot of folks who say they have no gifts. No strengths and then when we sit and chat for bit we see they have a LOT of strength. A LOT of gifts. They just haven’t been still enough and have too much BS belief set in the way that they can’t see it.

Strengths strengthen when we use them. Like lifting weights.

So, strengths will always be present, but if you want to grow them…you going to have to practice using them.

If your gift is making people feel welcome and included, what groups are you involved in?

If your gifts is seeing other peoples capabilities, what conversations are you setting up to explore that?

If your intuition and psychic ability is your strength, what experiences are you opening up to so that you can strengthen them.

If you gift is the gift of the gab, what are you doing each day to use this strength?

And how fulfilled are you feeling?

I love to write, but is it my strength? It is now. It was a curious interest for a lot of years, but I never believed I was a ‘writer’. That was for people who excelled at English at school, and while I did ok, I was no Tolstoy. It is a strength because I practice. A lot. I write A LOT…now.

And this isn’t about comparing my strength. If I compare it with a multi-award winning writer then no, it doesn’t look like a strength at all. But if I just look at how I feel when I am using this strength…I put it to the gift test.

Here are my 3 testers when I am looking at or for my gifts (yes I am still uncovering them).

  1. Does time just vanish when I am writing?
  2. Do I feel free and expansive and like this is FUN when I am writing?
  3. Do I receive positive feedback from people about my writing?

And I apply this to other things I do as well.

I’ve done with with heaps of clients as well! Turns out, some of us humans are far more gifted that we would believe!

You insert your thing where I have written writing…and see what happens.

Tell me, do you know what your strengths are. Your gifts? And how are you using them in the world?

I’d love to hear!

Big love