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It’s a Thing. It is.

It’s a thing. That in times of stress and modern living, often the things that are designed to most nourish us, go. We give them up. Like creativity.

On your lists of things to do, and achieve, how many times does creativity feature?

For most of my life, I have been pretty creative. Not in the ‘art’ sense of creativity, but perhaps a more subtle kind of creative.

But that is the thing with ideas around creativity. People point at some people and say, ‘they are creative’, like it’s a look or an overt expression. I wonder if it is a bit like a spectrum. A range. And those at the extreme end, use their creativity overtly and even might even be paid for it by making a living out if it. Singers, dancers, actors, artists, sculptures and flamingo Hawaiian shirt wearing folks .

And at the other end, I don’t know, maybe you think of factory workers, and scientists and rocks? Personally, I think all of those folks require creativity.

When you think of creative people, who comes to mind for you? Can you think of them? What do they look like? And when you think of yourself, where do you fit on the spectrum?

At school, Drama was my expressive outlet. Effortless. Playful. Immersive. The kids at school, after they had seen a performance, they would come up and say I was a natural. That one day they would see me on stage. I’d always chuckle. I knew I would never choose that route. It was too uncertain. Too unstable, and all I knew at that time, was that I would never want to rely on anyone for anything. So I would have to choose secure.

After I left school, I stopped drama and at university, I began studying to become a Registered Nurse. Safe. Stable. Can work anywhere. Reliable.

I loved drama, not just for the performance aspect, but for the creative development of the story and all the characters and props and settings, and the group work. I loved the rehearsing. The tweaking. The feedback. The growth. Groups have a deep connection to me I have come to see.

Group assignments at uni were my love. I’d be the nerdy one, doing small little claps when we were grouped up to do an assignment together. Oh the joy of coming together to pool our ideas, our visions and see what we could create. Collectively.

I’d have an idea, and then someone would add to that, and then I would add and then someone else would add. And before I knew it, my little idea had ballooned into some thing great.

That is my form of creative expression. Communicating visions, ideas, problem solving…and best done in groups. The perpetual elevation of ideas, and refining of visions. I love it.

I had no idea at the time, my love of drama would manifest in a healing way. Both or me, and for others.

Now days, I facilitate workshops, that are different every time. Like performing a different play each time. The stories. The props. The characters. The settings. The group work. Directing. Producing.

It’s the groups, and the gathering and the collective ideas being shared that is my joy. My creative expression. The preparation. The visioning. The ideas brewing. Oh I do love it so.

This year, I have been challenging myself with different ways to be creative in ways that bring me joy. Different styles of gatherings, and workshops and group creations.

This week, I am challenging myself, co-facilitating an online retreat for those of us who, like me, want to infuse more creative thinking and being into our lives.

It’s something I haven’t done and am really excited about. And nervous. And uncertain. And curious and willing to learn. Just like any performance at school, or any workshop I have ever delivered.

I’d love for those who are keen to make progress in their lives, to unlock stuck-stuff holding them back, or want to do things a different way and don’t know how, to join us. At this on-line retreat. A gathering. To share our collective wisdom. To share our ideas. Our visions. And together, oh I don’t know…we can maybe even make a positive impact in each others lives? Maybe?

If you’d like to hang with us, learn some stuff, play around and grow, follow the link and sign up. If you can’t make it on the day, you will receive all the same inclusions as everyone else and you can do all the activities in your own time. I mean…win win!!

Ignite your creativity. Dive into the wonder of possibilities. Move your hands and when you do, it moves your heart. No joke!

I wonder what kind of creation we will co-create together!!!

Hope to see you there.

Find out more HERE. 

Until next we meet. Be brave. Show up. And share beautiful you! xx


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THIS is the real question!

You know the old question, what would you do with your life if money wasn’t and issue?

You know how most of us say, “Oh I would quite my job and buy a boat and sail around the world”. Actually, I don’t know anyone who has said that to me. Maybe my husband has. My husband loves boats. Ask him, he’ll tell you! Hmmm.

Yesterday my friend and I took a car trip to a beautiful spot in Northern NSW, to a place that always seems to recharge, inspire and invigorate me.

On the way home, while we were both trying to stay awake (hello sneaky vino at lunch), we played the “what would you do if money wasn’t and issue.

The temptation is to think of all the things you would do with the money. Like pay off the house, or move house, or build a house, or go on a holiday or buy a flash car or..you know, all the material stuff.

But this isn’t the question.

The real question is:

What would YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE if money wasn’t an issue? 

As we played with this question, I notices many things, but as I digested it later, I noticed that really, the things that we would do are actually really simple. Humble and yet so meaningful. Gentle even.

We broke it down into a week.

So what would the week look like?

For me, each day or at least one day would involve some creative expression.

Writing inspiring content.

Speaking about shit I am passionate about.

Dancing by myself and with others.

Each day or at least one day, would have some connection opportunity. Volunteering. Teaching. Meeting in groups to share our passions and creative expressions.

Music. I’d listen to music. I’d gift people music.

Each day would have some family time. But play time. Not serious homework stuff. Where all of are expressing our own unique gifts. Individually and collectively. We might even have Mrs Doubtfire come hang with us so that hubby and I can do some of that stuff together as well. Just us.

And everyday, I would learn something. Something inspiring. New. A new perspective. A new skill. A new way.

I’d be of service to humans who want to love their lives. And maybe to those who don’t even know that that they don’t love their lives.

I’d help folks who struggle with themselves.

I’d listen to folks. Deeply listen. And challenge the parts of themselves that aren’t open to love.

THIS is just SOME of the stuff that I would do if I didn’t have to worry about money. EVER.

Ironically, when I review the list, I see that well, for the most part, that is my life already.

So it is today, with gratitude I say, WHAT AN AWESOME life.

It is today I am grateful to the support of my husband.

It is today I feel ready to take another step up. Another step to use my life to create stuff.

Stuff that no body may care about. Just stuff that matters to me!


Anyone ready to step up with me?


As always, I love to hear from you. Where you are. What you are up to. What you are creating! hearing form you matters to me!

Big, big love