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An unexpected gift for me on his birthday??

My father in law turned 70 recently. We had a party. His sister brought him the best present….and unexpectedly, gave me the best gift as well.

I run workshops. Personal introspection kind of workshops. An opportunity to check out of the ‘same ol’ same ol’ routine and going through the motions – and check in. Deep in.

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63 Days & Not What I Expected….

9 weeks.

63 days since I have had a drink of alcohol.

*the crowd cheers*

I wish I could say that the impact has been radical.

I wish that I could say that it has been completely transformational.

But that would be wishing I was perfect.

I secretly had expectations that giving up alcohol would be, like, I don’t know, completely game changing.

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Day One. A New-ish Way….

The first day of 2016 I was sick. Some say hungover, and while there may have been some of that in there, ok, there would have been, I was also in the midst of what I soon came to see was a pretty yuk virus that consumed me for the first part of the year.

But I wasn’t to know that is how the year would go.

It wasn’t a jinx. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the perfect start to the year. It was as it was. And I had to learn how to navigate it. And really, isn’t that what life is. A navigation of terrain?

Aren’t we all just finding our own way through life the best way we can?