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“When Your Friends Start to Bore You” Book Winners.

My last blog was what it means when your friends start bore you. One of the most powerful resources I have around this is Martha Beck’s  “elevator” analogy.

I love the analogy so much, in fact I LOVE the book that it came from so much, I bought extra copies to give away.

All that was required was someone to comment and then you would go in the draw to win one.

I closed my eyes and pointed at the computer screen of names and the 2 names came up.

I have emailed both of the winners and I am super pleased to say, that the books are on their way to the lucky folks.

Given I like it so much, it is highly likely that I will be gifting others in the future. It is such fun giving stuff I love away!

If you think you might like to be in with a chance to win a thing or two, follow my blog so you don’t miss the opportunities.

Until next time, have a beautiful weekend.


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