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One of my favourite things to do it to go on adventures. Travel down paths that I haven’t walked. Engage with people I wouldn’t usually. New conversations. New perspective. So, adventure doesn’t necessarily mean for me to go to a new country, or town. Although, that is fun too!

So, I’d love to share some of the adventures I have taken both externally and internally to point a sign post that you might like to follow on your way finding way.

Nothing that I promote here, I receive any kick backs for. They are just experiences that I would love to share with you!!

High Spirits – Spirit of Woman Retreat

In 2015 after facilitating Soul Oxygen Retreat in October, I needed my own recharge. My own retreat.

My friend and I headed off on an epic adventure with about 24 other women. Picture the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, away from all things busy and bustley. Surrounded by rolling hills, lush green fields and seclusion from the outside world. Exhale.

Spirit of Woman is a 5 night adventure in to the elements. Our elements. Filled with love, laughter, creativity, nurturing, walking, dancing and more Kahuna massages than you are likely to have in a year…

When I arrived, I was pretty spent. Unbeknown to me, I was already staring the downward spiral as a result of Ross River Virus. So, I felt like I just needed to sleep.

There wasn’t actually a lot of sleeping though.

The time was spent exploring our inner world, honouring movement in our outer world. Lots of meditation. Lots of epically epic food. Lots of learning. Lots of growth.

Owned and Co-Facilitated by Mette Sorenson and facilitated by a committed team of women, vested in nurturing growth and connection, who show up ready to walk along side us as women. Not as ‘know it all’s’ but humans, walking their own paths as well.

If you need some time away from the busy, if you are seeking a better connection with yourself, if you want some fun, some freedom, more laughs, more creative flow….might be your time to go!



Oh. My. God. Books!

I love them. They have been my friends, companions, challengers, refuge, escape. But most of all they have been my teachers. And a reminder that we are not alone.

I love them SO much I am writing my own!

I have SO many book loves, so this section might require a cup of tea and an afternoon uninterrupted. And if you can’t dial up that experience, take small bites of this list of the books I want to share.

I’ll break them into categories. But not in order of preference. I don’t get any kick back for any of these recommendations. I just share what I love because I love it. And I’ll write a wee blurb after each to give you my vibe on it.

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Inner Work and Healing

Broken Open. Elizabeth Lesser.

Well, this was a doozy of a support for me when I was going through particularly hard arse time in my life. In my marriage. Elizabeth shares herself. She walks us through her phonic rising experience. Worts and fucking all. It’s a raw read. A truth fest. And a book that I cherish as a game changer. Restoring the faith in, no matter how fucking grim…shit gets better. It. Just. Does.

It is a normaliser. It is a guide. It is a tool box. And an example of true genius writing. Love her work.

Check it out here

The Gifts of Imperfection. Brene Brown.

If you haven’t heard of this, then you have been under a rock. Like forever. If you don’t have a copy, then you need it stat. God, the old stat. I’m so 1990’s.

This book is truly a guide book for those of us that get lost in the wilderness of the human experience at times. Or always.

Brene offers us literal guide posts on our journey. To help us navigate the terrain of living a wholehearted life.

Not a lot is left unattended in here. Shame. Blame. Guilt. Resilience. Trust. Creativity. Play. She covers the human experience to normalise and support imperfect living.

My copy is literally underlined on every page and dog eared and well, treated like an absolute go to. There are armpit marks on the cover I am sure as I have kept it tucked up under my arm for days on end as I use it to help me step by step my way as a human.

Game changing.

A MUST read!

Nuff said.

That, and other books here…

Check this out while you are at it…