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Hello beautiful humans.

In this event, we will be engaging with modern life coaching and emotional anatomy techniques and fusing with ancient technologies of stillness and introspection to re-ignite the spark for your desired life.

2019 is away.

And for some of us, we are still a bit dazed and confused.

And some of us are simply waiting until the kids go back to school before we START.

So lets all take a collective inhale and exhale and accept that this is totally okay. Not just okay, but expected.

Life is busy. There is no doubt about it.

All the things to attend to and the list doesn’t seem to be getting shorter.

And yet, many of us don’t want another year to go by without really making it meaningful. Aligned with our true desires.

One of the problems with the busy, busy is we often put ourselves off the list. And in the short term it means that we free up space, but in the long term, we end up tired, depleted, cranky and frustrated.

Many of us are feeling disconnected and isolated in the pace of the world. Around people, but not truly connected with them.

In ancient cultures, they would gather around the fire and tell stories and share and offload their troubles together. They would dance and sing and laugh. They would take their shoes off and reconnect with the earth.

– What do you truly want to focus on this year?
– What do you want to experience more of?
– What do you want less of?
– What does your heart desire?
– Who would you most like to spend time with?

Come and gather together for an evening of reconnection, re-ignition and re-alignment.

HOSTED by Jen Lean, Life Coach, Therapist and Emotional Anatomy Practitioner.

If you haven’t yet spent time at Numala Retreat, then, seriously, just being there is transformative in itself.

Let us help you re-ignite. Rediscover your flame.

It’s time to gather up. Gather in. Gather together.

See you there.

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Women’s Forest Retreat: Friday November 16, 2018


Forest Retreat.png

You! You big hearted, caring and giving human.

How are you?

– You’re busy, trying to do all the things. Run a house, earn the money, care for the people!
– You’re noticing that sometimes your choices aren’t exactly the kindest to yourself.
– You feel guilty taking time for yourself or even just having a rest.
– You may feel tired. Like in your bones tired. Exhausted even.
– You are wandering around not really knowing what the heck you are supposed to do next?
– Your body is doing things that you just can’t understand and feel frustrated and overwhelmed by it.


You are not alone sweet beauty!

So, lets take a breath together and look to being again.

Lets gather.

This is not a heady kind of event, where you will be tested or challenged on anything…it will seriously alter the little vibes in your body!

CHECK OUT what one of our recent beauties had to say about the event (she has been twice).

“Thank you again for such an incredible evening, I absolutely loved it and I had so much fun.

So much again to gush about, you two are both such amazing ladies and to provide us with this opportunity for us women to allow us to have this time for ourselves and reflect which is really special. Even though I have been to this event before, I got just as much out of it the second time if not more! It was such a different experience for me.

It was a lovely group of woman and like I said on the night, left me feeling really connected, refreshed, and energized.

Thank you again and I look forward to catching up with you both again soon”.


Friday November 16th (what an awesome way to enter the weekend).


Numala Forest Retreat Bonogin.






Guided mediations. Life tool kit enhancement. Music. Rituals. Love bombs.

Hope to see you there.

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Soul Readers Book Club

Forest RetreatI was challenged a few years back, about books being boring. I listened to someone say, “reading books are like having a party on your own”.

Maybe they were right?

So, I started a book club. And as we grew, I knew that this was more than just a book club.

It was a gathering on like souls. Humans who were seeking to grow, seeking to connect and seeking to share and receive information that might support them on their humaning adventure.

After some time off facilitating, I am back with a restored love of sharing the space with big hearted, spiritually growing, imperfect humans, just like myself.

We are gathering at The Burleigh Common, a space that aligns with my soul and I reckon, if you are reading this, it is aligned to yours as well.

For our first gathering, we will be bringing along our favourite personal growth/spiritual/learning book to share with the group the impact the title had on our lives.

I’m so looking forward to sharing the space with you all. xx




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