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Easy Vegan eBook

Introducing some vegan style meals into your life doesn’t have to be scary, or bland. Quite the opposite really.

Vegan eating is colourful, fun to create and oh so nourishing for the body and soul.

I’ve put together some of my fave tried and tested easy vegan eats.

Family and group family, you’ll have folks bodies wanting more!

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Holistic Coaching Package


If you wanted to learn the guitar, would you have one lesson and then be done with it and then be a competent guitar player?

I wouldn’t. I’m not that much of a genius!

If you wanted to learn the guitar, you would meet with someone who knew the guitar, could teach you the things and then you could go and practice.

This is kind of like life coaching.

In a session with me, I would be showing you how to play the guitar, but I will be showing you how your thinking, your feeling and your actions are getting you what you are getting.

It might sound really simple right? That you could just sit and work that out for yourself? The truth is that yes you can and no you can’t.

See, we can’t actually make changes from the same thinking that got us into the situation.

We need a new way to perceive it. And as you know, it can be tricky to get a decent perspective when you are there!

The beauty of in the moment life coaching, is we deal with whatever shows up and we can see how it is impacting you and your life. And we can see the patterns that exist off the back of habits of thinking and behaving.

It’s actually really fun!

In order to get some serious momentum, I offer a minimum of 3 sessions, with the initial session 90 minutes (in person on on-line) with 2 follow up session fo 45 minutes each.

Your tool box will be filled.

These sessions include:

  • 1 x 60 minute live full assessment and treatment
  • Facial Reading
  • Body awareness skills training
  • Resources to support your growth
  • Ongoing follow up
  • Essential oil witchy-poo brew
  • 2 x 30 minute live accountability and check in opportunities.

Healing Facilitation

60 minute initial assessment 2 x 30 minute follow up Full detailed assessment and resources Discounts for future sessions


Other fun stuff

Online Offerings/In person

Soul Visioning Package

In this uniquely created package you will receive:

  • Intuitively guided song to vibrate beyond your minds interpretation. This is not an automated thing. I literally sit down and do it all, from scratch, just for you!!
  • A book title, filled with wisdom to support the song and to support you on your humaning adventure.
  • Resources to support you on your humaning adventure
  • Intuitively guided inspirational card filled with sage advice
  • 30 minute chat over the phone, in person or ZOOM to de-brief the package and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

PLUS: After our chat, I will blend up a potent essential oil mix into your very own roller bottle,  designed especially for you & sent to your home. Plant medicine designed to enhance our emotional and spiritual health!

BUY Your Visioning Package HERE

All the intuitive gifts PLUS 30 minutes. Just you and me. Face to face. Or voice to voice. At a time that suits. I have a way of seeing ways around the problems you face right now. Lets see if we can navigate around it. Together!


Any questions, email me at

Big Vibe Package

An intuitively selected package, JUST FOR YOU.

The package includes;

  • An intuitively selected song that cuts through vibrationally to where it needs to go. This is completely unique to you. This is not automated at all. I literally sit down and feel into it all, just for you. No two offerings are the same.
  • A book title that aligns with that song to support you on your journey.
  • A resource that supports the song and the book, to act as a sign post to support you.
  • And an intuitively selected inspirational card with sage wisdom to speak to your soul.


An intuitively guided song to speak to your soul A book title to support the message of the song to speak to your mind. An intuitively selected inspirational card with a message to speak to your heart. Any other resource that comes to me through the experience.


For more information, email me at

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