All the Healing Things

One of my all time fave things to do, is to offer folks connections to all the healing things, such as tools, songs, books, resources, courses and experiences that are designed to help you navigate this humaning adventure.

I mean, after all, we didn’t get a manual how to do this gig right?

If you are feeling a little ‘meh’ or feel like the sign posts just aren’t showing up, or stuck or just want to experience something that is ‘different’, a little out of your comfort zone, this might be for you.

** No two packages are the same. They are uniquely channeled just for you **

Soul Visioning Package

In this uniquely created package you will receive:

  1. Intuitively guided song to vibrate beyond your minds interpretation. This is not an automated thing. I literally sit down and do it all, from scratch, just for you!!
  2. A book title, filled with wisdom to support the song and to support you on your humaning adventure.
  3. Resources to support you on your humaning adventure
  4. Intuitively guided inspirational card filled with sage advice
  5. 30 minute chat over the phone or ZOOM to de-brief the package and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

PLUS: After our chat, I will blend up a potent essential oil mix into your very own roller bottle,  designed especially for you & sent to your home. Plant medicine designed to enhance our emotional and spiritual health!

BUY Your Visioning Package HERE

All the intuitive gifts PLUS 30 minutes. Just you and me. Face to face. Or voice to voice. At a time that suits. I have a way of seeing ways around the problems you face right now. Lets see if we can navigate around it. Together!


Any questions, email me at

Soul Care Package

An intuitively selected package, JUST FOR YOU.

The package includes;

  1. An intuitively selected song that cuts through vibrationally to where it needs to go. This is completely unique to you. This is not automated at all. I literally sit down and feel into it all, just for you. No two offerings are the same.
  2. A book title that aligns with that song to support you on your journey.
  3. A resource that supports the song and the book, to act as a sign post to support you.
  4. And an intuitively selected inspirational card with sage wisdom to speak to your soul.

BUY Your Soul Care Package HERE

An intuitively guided song to speak to your soul A book title to support the message of the song to speak to your mind. An intuitively selected inspirational card with a message to speak to your heart. Any other resource that comes to me through the experience.


For more information, email me at

AromaTouch Massage 

Screen-Shot-2018-06-25-at-3.34.12-pm.pngAromaTouch Technique, developed by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., to provide people with an uplifting essential oil experience.

Each essential oil in the AromaTouch Technique was selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined.

The AromaTouch Technique uses specific guidelines and instructions for both dosage and application that make it a safe and effective way to receive the full benefits of essential oils. The AromaTouch Technique is gentle and can be adapted to accommodate young or sensitive skin so that anyone can benefit without the worry of overwhelming the body.

  • undo stress related tension
  • indulge in some vital self care
  • experience a nurturing massage designed to restore homeostasis
  • reiki and head massage

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.34.29 pm.png

***For Gold Coast Residents Only. 

If you would like to participate, contact me via the link below and we can arrange a time that suits.


Your Purpose Pack

Now, more than ever, it is vital that we understand what it is we are here on the planet Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.01.29 pmfor. Now, because the world is changing at a rapid rate, and time, even though it isn’t, appears to be speeding up.

My purpose is to use this humaning adventure and all the experiences it offers me, to learn from and share with others.

In doing this, I have navigated some fairly gnarly terrain and have come out alive and some might say, doing okay.

In the Purpose Pack, you will be taken on an adventure to discover things about yourself that you may not have even known existed.

Once you engage with me to experience this package, the purpose work begins.

~ You will be given a bunch of specially designed questions, that you can answer in your own time and need not share with anyone, to help you get closer recognising your unique purpose.

~ You will have to complete them however, for the next step, which is a 45 minute consultation via ZOOM (on line) or in person (if you live locally).

~ You will gain a deeper clarity about what it is you are here to offer the world.

~ From there, it then becomes how you wish to be supported in your next step, to step into your purpose. You may want support in identifying your blocks, keeping you from living your purpose. It maybe that you want some accountability moving in the direction of standing in your purpose.

Like everything I do, no two processes are the same. They can’t be, because we aren’t.

There are some tried and tested methods however that are completely supportive and life enhancing.

BUY Your Purpose Package HERE

Clarifying your unique expression here on the planet, can be such a confusing experience. In this package you will gain greater clarity and support to navigate the next chapter.



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