Not so long ago, when I went out to collect the mail, I came across the white pages plonked on our front lawn.

My first reaction was to sigh and I mumble, “What am I supposed to do with this?” Followed by a bit of rant including but not limited to, “Have they not heard of the internet” and “What a bloody waste of paper”.

I took it inside and continued to grumble to the family. Tossed it in the pantry to ‘deal with later’.

A few days after, I was waiting in the waiting room at my acupuncturist’s when what should be brought in? Yep. A phone book! Are you kidding me?

IN a flash of inspiration during an acupuncture session, I came up with this inspired idea.

I’d write about what I was doing and why on cards and inside I would put an inspirational card inside. Just like these ones Crazy-Sexy Love Notes.

13669654_10153603657491689_2629857123211063792_nSo I came home and I got writing. It felt SO good.

I kept having images of people opening their cards and smiling. That in itself made me smile more.

As I sat, the kids came and asked what I was doing. When I told them they wanted to be a part of it as we… I asked how they wanted to contribute and they said they wanted to choose the names from the phone book. So they took turns in closing their eyes, opening to a page and then plonking their finger on a name. I’d write the name and address on the front of the envelope.

Then they decided they wanted to decorate the envelope. So they did.

A stamp on each and off it went.



Before I knew it, one of my cards showed up on Facebook!!

One of the recipients popped it up on social media in an attempt to track me down.

The small world that it is, my ex-next door neighbour saw my name and thought, yep that will be Jen.

So, she messaged me asked if it was me.

Moments later I am exchanging messages with the recipient.

Don’t you just love how this stuff works!


13680761_378760502248236_2196475590034696187_nNot long after that, one of my Facebook friends who is a journalist said she would do a story on this little project. “A nice feel good story”, she said. And then I was interviewed for the local paper and then I was on the local radio!  It still thrills me how the small act of sending a card to someone is considered news worthy!



My friend was reading the article in the paper at her work place, and as she was, she shared it with one of the customers who came in.

That customer was thrilled with the story and as it turned out, she is the radio host of a local radio station! Before she left, she had given my friend her contact details for me to call her to organise a radio interview! Whhhhhaaaaaat??


Some beautiful souls made some cards for me to send out to the community as well! This touched my heart SO deeply!



I needed some more inspirational cards so popped in to see Jasmine at Lemon Canary and when she heard about what I was up to…generously GAVE me some cards to use! She is SO, SO generous! And seriously, makes the most amazing candles. Check her out!


This little project has been such a heart swelling experience for me. We’ve sent over 100 little love notes in 2016. I have met some beautiful, kind people. This is one of my proudest creations from 2016!  I truly hope that it has felt like love when receiving those little love notes!


If you’d like to know more about how you might be able to use your words to help others, come along to one of our writing groups…. message me for details.

Big, big love




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