Little Nuggets of Wisdom Podcast

Adventures in Humaning presents little nuggets of wisdom, gathered up from our guests. We’ll be talking all the things humaning entails.

This week, we talk belonging and fitting in with Lisa Murray.

We’ve all traversed the delicate landscape that is belonging. Haven’t we?

I’m putting together little wisdom nugget sessions, where I speak to humans on their humaning adventure and ask them about the things that all us humans navigate.

This session I chat again to Lisa Murray about belonging and fitting in.

It’s raw and imperfect and worthy of being listened to!

Kick back and soak in the resonance.

Belonging, fitting in and navigating this human adventure. 

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At the end of 2017, after one of  my more challenging years, I felt the desire to talk with inspiring people. And to share our chats.

It seems podcasts are a thing now, and lots of humans are doing them, So, even though there is risk of creating something in an already flooded space, I felt the call. And so, here we go.

PODCAST #1 : Michelle Swan

This was my very first podcast. Done at the end of 2017. I’m so excited to do more of these!


How I loved this chat with Michelle Swan.  We chatted about her struggle to find her ‘thing’ in life. The moment she ‘knew’ what she had to do with her life. We chat about a whole bunch of life altering stuff.

Stuff like:

= career transition
= the power of ‘NO’
= setting loving boundaries
= supportive tribes
= following your heart


Michelle is creator and owner of Eyes of Love Photography.

A creative, inspiring and ever so wise woman who is on a mission to help women feel empowered in front of the camera and feel confident to let their light shine bright!

GO HERE to be ‘ah-haaaa-ed’.

PODCAST #2: Lisa Murray


I first came across Lisa Murray a few years back on social media. Since then, I have been following her journey and listening to her wisdom.

It is such a privilege to have this chat with Lisa. And MBA qualifies business mentor and facilitator, a word master and author of two published books, creator of Creative Alchemy; and international business platform supporting folks to create a business with ease.

I’m so chuffed to share this chat where Lisa and I discuss her most recent book, Living Beyond Burnout, her experience coming through 3 episodes of burnout, about what creativity is and isn’t (you might be surprised) and how to both prevent burnout and how to overcome it as well. Podcast #2 felt so fun to create, so hope if feels fun to receive. Pop it on your mobile device and throw it in your pocket while you carry on your merry way.

GO HERE to be inspired

PODCAST #3: Tamika Hilder

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 4.23.16 pm.png

I can’t actually recall when I first came across Tamika. It amy have been social media, or at a seminar when I saw her speak..either way, she has been someone I have had on my radar for years it feels.

A spiritual explorer, inspirational speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator and creator of the very successful “Path of the Goddess”, Tamika is dedicated to deepening her human experience and sharing all her learnings as she goes.

I’m chuffed to share this chat with you. We adventure through the life changing impact Hashimoto’s has had on Tamika. How she used this experience to go deeper within. What it actually means to ‘go within’. This is a vulnerable and really candid chat with Tamika and really hope that you feel into the juicy content as much as I did!

GO HERE to be wowed

Podcast #4: Sarah Yip – Numerologist & Psychic

Sarah_1111cropSo, how does a ‘gifted’ child, groomed to become a doctor find herself making a living out of numerology and psychic education?

In this Adventures in Humaing with Sarah Yip, that is exactly what we explore. And so much more.

Sarah bravely shares how proving people wrong has been a huge catalyst in following her true north star, the difference between psychic and medium, how finding and belonging to a tribe is vital for us humans, how she met her life partner because she followed her passion, how you and I can increase our intuition and if you listen to the end, you will also experience a card reading by Sarah. GO HERE TO LISTEN


Podcast #5 Carissa Crosdale – Health Coach and Naturopath


There is defiantly a theme building here as I chat to more gorgeous humans on their adventures.

Changing our minds as we get older seems to be not only okay now days, but really encouraged.

Gone are the days of one profession for your lifetime. Or not even profession, one job.

Carissa is a bright spark in our world who is on a mission to help support other humans on their wellness adventures. In this chat we explore what took her from a corporate climbing party girl to finally make the step to become a wellness practitioner. We dance over and through the impact of negative self beliefs and their impacts on us, our mindset challenges and how to overcome them. And some really great tips on how to transition from a career of ‘blah’ to a career of ‘hell yes’. GO HERE TO LISTEN.


Podcast #6 Marina Passalaris – Creator and Owner of Beautiful Minds


Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 2.03.26 pm.pngI loved this chat so much. Talking to Marina was like chatting with a role model who has the most interesting and passion filled journey. One that is totally inspiring and one I just can’t help but sharing.

Creator and owner of one of Australia’s most successful education platforms for young people, BEAUTIFUL MINDS.

I was totally blown away by her candour and her truth about her vision for herself as a young girl being a different one that she has grown into…or is it really?? There are so many nuggets of business wisdom in here. Get your note pad out and take notes. It is a masterclass for women in business! GO HERE TO LISTEN.




Podcast #7 Libby Wallace – Soberly Coach

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.58.26 pm.png

Before I spoke with Libby, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a soberly coach.

Coming from a ‘drink till you pass out’ kind of culture, I never really considered that there could be high functioning alcohol dependents. Like for real. It seems, it is bigger than I first believed.

Libby shares her raw and authentic story about how alcohol had negatively affected her life and how so realised that she had a problem, that if she didn’t attend to, would be the end of her. Deep down, she knew she had a problem, but just figured she would give it up when she was ‘older’. I loved this insightful, funny and heart touching chat so much. GO HERE TO LISTEN.


Podcast #8 Beck Hall – Yoga Teacher & Retreat Facilitator

unnamedI grew up with he belief, if you are kind and caring life will offer you kind and caring.

Imagine my confusion when I discovered that all humans will experience pain. All humans will go through adversity. All humans will have dark nights.

If my belief that to be kind and caring would prevent you from experiencing pain, then Beck Hall would have sailed through untouched.

But that wasn’t to be. After discovering her mother had breast cancer 15 years ago and that she carried the breast cancer gene, Beck and her family changed their lifestyles with the view to heal and to prevent.

It was’t to be. Beck was diagnosed with breast cancer and instead of throwing her hands up to genetics, she has transformed her experience with the intent to help herself and help others be thrivers! GO HERE TO LISTEN


Podcast #9 – Naomi Berg – Owner & Creator of Purple Skirt



Naomi started her career as a flight attendant. She made this decision when she was 13. And now, she flies in another way, and helps other do the same.

In this chat, we talk about being brought to your knees by trauma and one woman’s way to use that trauma as a leaping off platform, to create a profound and unique wellness system for women.

Incredibly insightful and authentic, Naomi has so much wisdom to offer up!

GO HERE to listen. 

Podcast #10 – Sarah Weber – Owner of Cura Life Yoga centre. Yoga and Nia Dance Teacher

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 2.41.12 pm.png

Sarah started out as a personal trainer, doing all the ‘no pain, no gain’ stuff that usually comes with PT.

Little did she know at the time, but a 90 minute yoga class that she attended to ‘stretch a bit’ would go on to change her life.

This is one of many chats that I will be having with Sarah. Earth angel and bright spark.

In this chat we talk about yoga, about running your own business and the power of women gathering. About purpose and what it means to follow that inner whisper.

GO HERE to listen. 

Here is the ‘stuff’ part.


Soul Purpose Mediation

you are lovely-4.png

30 minute guided mediation to help you uncover your soul purpose.

You’ll need a quiet space, a journal, a pen and be ready to uncover your souls call.

GO HERE to know your purpose.



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