At the end of 2017, after one of  my more challenging years, I felt the desire to talk with inspiring people. And to share our chats.

It seems podcasts are a thing now, and lots of humans are doing them, So, even though there is risk of creating something in an already flooded space, I felt the call. And so, here we go.

PODCAST #1 : Michelle Swan

This was my very first podcast. Done at the end of 2017. I’m so excited to do more of these!


How I loved this chat with Michelle Swan.  We chatted about her struggle to find her ‘thing’ in life. The moment she ‘knew’ what she had to do with her life. We chat about a whole bunch of life altering stuff.

Stuff like:

= career transition
= the power of ‘NO’
= setting loving boundaries
= supportive tribes
= following your heart


Michelle is creator and owner of Eyes of Love Photography.

A creative, inspiring and ever so wise woman who is on a mission to help women feel empowered in front of the camera and feel confident to let their light shine bright!

GO HERE to be ‘ah-haaaa-ed’.

PODCAST #2: Lisa Murray


I first came across Lisa Murray a few years back on social media. Since then, I have been following her journey and listening to her wisdom.

It is such a privilege to have this chat with Lisa. And MBA qualifies business mentor and facilitator, a word master and author of two published books, creator of Creative Alchemy; and international business platform supporting folks to create a business with ease.

I’m so chuffed to share this chat where Lisa and I discuss her most recent book, Living Beyond Burnout, her experience coming through 3 episodes of burnout, about what creativity is and isn’t (you might be surprised) and how to both prevent burnout and how to overcome it as well. Podcast #2 felt so fun to create, so hope if feels fun to receive. Pop it on your mobile device and throw it in your pocket while you carry on your merry way.

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PODCAST #3: Tamika Hilder

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 4.23.16 pm.png

I can’t actually recall when I first came across Tamika. It amy have been social media, or at a seminar when I saw her speak..either way, she has been someone I have had on my radar for years it feels.

A spiritual explorer, inspirational speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator and creator of the very successful “Path of the Goddess”, Tamika is dedicated to deepening her human experience and sharing all her learnings as she goes.

I’m chuffed to share this chat with you. We adventure through the life changing impact Hashimoto’s has had on Tamika. How she used this experience to go deeper within. What it actually means to ‘go within’. This is a vulnerable and really candid chat with Tamika and really hope that you feel into the juicy content as much as I did!

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Here is the ‘stuff’ part.


Soul Purpose Mediation

you are lovely-4.png

30 minute guided mediation to help you uncover your soul purpose.

You’ll need a quiet space, a journal, a pen and be ready to uncover your souls call.

GO HERE to know your purpose.




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