Once you get to know me, you will know that I LOVE giving stuff away!

I do.

I love to give, and now I give what I can.

When I can.

And given I can, I’d love to give YOU some gifts.

Because it is what I am here for.

To give stuff away.

Not just any stuff.

My gifts.

My own personal gifts!


You don’t have to do anything except choose!

Jen 06.jpg

Gift Option #1.

One of my gifts, and this might sound really, well, maybe a little cray cray…but I have this gift where I can feel into songs.

Not written by me, but by other amazing creatives and I have this ability to pair them with humans. And meet them where they are.

I’ve done it over and over and over and the feedback has been AH.MAZE.ING.

I’ll even put some of the written feedback here so you can judge for yourself. These peeps are in a creative group I am am member of and I gifted over 50 of them with songs recently!

If you would love your OWN personal song, in the field below type INTUITIVE SONG and you will receive a link to a song chosen especially for you!

Here is what a few of them had to say: 

“Thank you Jen Lean for the song you chose for me. It was spot on and made me smile, giggle and tear up just a bit. How fun to receive this yumminess in my inbox. Mwaaaahhhhhhh”. Betsy. M

“Omg Jen! You’re amazing at this. This songs perfect. Especially because I like to facilitate children. ❤ Thank you”!!! Sonai K.

“Jen Lean love it thank you”. xxx Chantal. T

“Thank you so much for the beautiul music in a message”!!!! Vorosvary. E

“OH It’s perfect”!!!

“Thank you Jen… A beautiful contribution … truly meaningful one… Thanks a ton… xo 💖🌹” Anurhada. S

“Wauw Jen. It’s is exactly for me.. Felt it all over”. Tina. V.

Gift Option #2

I write. A lot. And I write because I love it. And I write to random strangers (check out my The Love Letter Project…Do you want to be involved?).

I love to write heart felt messages to people.

It’s a note filled with love, positivity and even has a inspiring card message attached.


If you would like the gift of written love, and an inspiring card drawn out of deck I feel lead to for you, then in the box below write, WRITTEN LOVE.

Gift Option #3

A Wholeness/Wellness Prescription

This is where you tell me something you are struggling or need some clarity on in your world at the moment and I give you a kind of ‘wholeness prescription’.

What does that mean?

Well, if you had an illness  or dis-ease and went to see the doctor, ‘ideally’ she would give you some health options, some education, and maybe a referral to a specialist in the area you are wanting to improve your health.

I want to do that same in your ‘wholeness/wellness’.

Depending on your life ‘dis-ease’ I might prescribe a particular mantra, or mediation, or book or course or retreat or…gosh, the options!!!

Lots of stuff for your to explore as a part of your wholeness experience!

If this is the option you want, please type in WHOLENESS PRESCRIPTION“.





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