A few months back, I started rowing. As a sport. As a way to move my body.

I found my way to rowing really, out of frustration.

I was frustrated with all the ‘old’ ways of moving my body.

In a flippent comment with my mentor, I mentioned that I was a bit frustrated with my attempts at consistent exercise.

When he asked a few more curious questions, it became pretty clear why.

I am a connector energy, and a human that works best in teams. That is why most of my energy in my business is spent in teaching and coaching teams.

And yet, most of the movement activities I was doing, I was doing solo. Without interaction. Even if I was part of a group, there was little engagement and interaction.

So I was set the task to locate 5 team activities in my area that I could explore.

Nothing really was grabbing me as a solid yes.

Netball..yeah, I could.

Basketball, I suppose.

Hockey, UM NO.

Our girls do karate 3 times a week in a place called the Boatshed. As you can imagine by the name, it is on the water.

18 trips a week, to and from this location.

One evening, just on dusk, as I sat admiring the lake that it sits on, it hit me like a cardiac compression to my chest.

I had noticed numerous times bunches of people coming in and out of the water in an array of boats.

Some rowing in single boats, and some in teams!

“Holy, shit. It’s right under my nose..it’s rowing”.

It is hard you guys. It is so hard. It is challenging me in SO many ways. And I love it and I hate it.

I have wanted to quit.

I have blisters on my fingers and on my bum (yes that is a thing too).

I get frustrated that I can’t ‘get it’.

I get so frustrated because I want to be a fricking expert already!

I have fallen out of the boat in the middle of the lake (for real).

I have cried after sessions.

I have hated it, and I have loved it.

And mostly, I love it.

Learning anything now is hella challenging.

Growth is epically challenging.

And I am committed to my growth. I am committed to showing up, and learning and applying.

I am committed to the team. To my body. To new adventures. And to the things I love.

I am committed to being reminded what it feels like to be out of my comfort zone. Because I can’t expect any of the people I work with to get out of their comfort zones, if I am not willing to.

I do love it. Growth stuff.

And just because I love it, does not mean it is going to be easy! In fact, it just won’t be!

Learning out of a book, or from someone talking in front of you is easy y’all.

But applying it, is tough.

It is in the application you will grow.

It is in the showing up, prepared to do it imperfectly, prepared to get it wrong, open to looking like a doofus…that is where we grow!

You may have watched all the youtube clips, read all the books, listened to all the experts, read all the blogs, but UNTIL you actually get in that boat, all you are an expert in is learning.

You may have been to university, you may have read all the books, you may have done all the courses, but until you get into that arena, it is all theory.

Some people, like me, work best in a team. And when they are not connected, tend to become isolated and immobilised.

They are my people. I know them. Because I am them.

If you are feeling stuck doing all the things alone, but because you are smart and capable (you probably have degrees to show it) think that you ‘should’ be able to do it alone, I got you.

You are my people.

My work is about helping you connect, so you can propel.

We move faster together.

I got you.

For connection coaching, come have a chat for one of the ‘see if we vibe sessions’. It’s 30 minutes and it’s free.

Until next time, be brave, keep showing up and keep sharing imperfect you.

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