Hello fellow Humanary. 

Every Wednesday, I check on my clients google drive entries. 

And I have gotta tell you, this week, I was feeling so ‘hallelujah baby’, that I literally had to share it. 

Most of my coaching is done on line, thanks to modern technology (didn’t think I would love it so much). And every Wednesday, I check in to google drive and see how folks are progressing with their ‘action taking’ steps. 

Holy shit you guys, this week, it dawned on me just how much my business and the work I offer has changed, AND the breakthroughs, and the ‘ah-ha’s…..and they are just mine.  

But this isn’t because of me. Well, certainly not wholly. 

It is because FINALLLLLLLYYYY I am attracting folks who are the exact match for who I want to work with. 

Finally y’all. 

Finally (after how many years) I am starting the feel the freedom that I had desired when I decided to break out of the safety of helping as a Registered Nurse and take the brave road of being my own boss (who is difficult to work for most of the time…shhhhhh). 

I’ll tell you what has changed.


I had to knuckled down and go to the places within me, to challenge old beliefs and bust open stories that were keeping me stuck in people pleasing and rescuer energies. 

Once upon a time I wanted to help all the humans. No joke. All the humans. 

Like literally you guys…all the humans. I’m a helper, so, naturally I wanted to help. 

This meant that I would say yes to folks that I knew were not a match for me. 

I’d say yes to help anyone, with pretty much anything…even things waaaaay outside my zone of genius.  I’d bend and morph into space and places and tastes that were not mine. 

I’d even help people who I know DID NOT LIKE CORIANDER! 

But…you know…I wanted to grow my business, I wanted more clients, so I would take on folks who intuitively were a NO. I believed that if I said no, that I was a bad person, that I wasn’t really a helper of humans. SO, I said yes. A LOT. 

But, they matched where I was at at the time. 

I wasn’t willing to tell the truth about what I wanted, and so naturally, I attracted clients who were the same.

Wishy-washy and not really committed. 

Oh but holy heck you guys. Here is the freedom kicker…

When you do your own work, work through your own stuff, encounter your own ‘safe thinking’ you find freedom. 

The freedom comes from not trying to make yourself something that you are not. 

It is not saying yes, when you want to say no. 

If is getting to choose to spend time with people you actually want to spend time with…believe it or not, you actually get to choose (this is friendship groups too y’all). 

Currently I run THE MOST AMAZING online accountability and support group for a bunch of women who rock my world, and I am about to kick off a similar group at the beginning of August  for the ‘helper humans’.

Once upon a time I would have opened this up to anyone who thought they might want to join.

Now days, nope.

Now I literally interview people and ask some tough questions and make sure that they match my intuitive vibe. Now days I trust the heck out of that!

And the pay off….it is everything and more! 

When it comes to acquiring new clients, I chat one on one before I take on any new client now days for the same reason. When someone wants to work one on one with me, I always have a 30 minute (minimum chat) to see if we vibe.

And this isn’t a one way deal. It is me feeling into if the human is a fit for me and my style too. 

I literally get to say yes to work with people! It is revolutionary to me, and it took a lot of inner work around abandonment and rejection for me to own my worth and own my business. 

I no longer want to help all the humans. Because lets be honest, coriander is not good in all dishes.

And, I am like coriander. And not everyone likes coriander (personally I can’t get enough of the stuff)!!

I don’t take it personally anymore, I just accept we can’t be for everyone. 

I am not here to help all the humans..

But I am here to help the humans who know it is time. Who are so done with their own BS stories and are literally ready to do whatever it takes, who are willing to have tough conversations, get accountable for their own actions, remove the victim cloak and go into some uncomfortable situatons….and they damn well do.

And I could not be more proud!! 



I feel incredibly free to create a thriving ‘helper human’ business more than I ever had. And, for the first time in like…well, yeah, forever I am saying hard core NO to folks who do not feel like a yes. 

And before you say, “well, what if they really need help”, what I will say to that is there are a gazillion helper humans on the planet, and I totally trust they will find theirs. 

Go. Be your fine arse self. Say yes to what vibes with your good soul and so NO to what doesn’t. It’s a complete sentence y’all. I learnt that off my middle daughter. She’s as kind as anyone I have ever met AND she says NO when something doesn’t vibe with her. Oh and Brene Brown and Oprah and Martha Beck have helped me with that as well. 

Hallelujah freedom Y’all. 

Don’t settle my loves. Know your worth! 

Until next we meet, be brave, keep showing up and keep sharing beautiful you. 

Big love

PS. If you are a ‘helper human’ and would like to join our online personal and professional accountability, support group, go herefor more information. 

PPS. We have a spot for one other soul ready human to join our GROW YOU TOGETHER support and accountability group, which is for folks who feel like they work best in a team, giving and receiving support to achieve their goals and dreams. Email me at connect@jenlean.com if you’d like to know more. 

PPPS. You are awesome and I am so glad we get to stay connected. 


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