India Arie is one of my soul animals.

She is epically original, but not trying to be original, she is simply just being herself.

She reminds me that even though there have been many singers before her, and will be many singers after her, she still has a place to sing.

It’s no secret India had a really rough few years a while back, not because she did anything wrong, but simply because she is human and to be human is hard as fuck.

Her healing was in her music.

And she shares our healing with us.

Her music speaks to my soul and without her creations, her unique creativity my soul wouldn’t dance as it does. And my life wouldn’t have been as blessed.

I have many fave songs that have been written by India, but by far, THIS is my fave.

Or maybe THIS is.

Argh. Or THIS. I cannot choose!

What is your fave?

I invite you to play them, and play them loud and stay committed to your individuality beautiful soul.

Until next we meet, keep being brave, keep showing up and keep sharing beautiful you.


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