As you I am sure you know by now (and are probably over reading about), I am about to dive in to facilitating an amazing group of humans as we adventure together for the next three months, showing up for ourselves, dealing with our upper limit issues, being triggered, learning and growing together. 

And I am so pumped. 

I LOVE working one on one with Humanaries (visionary humans who don’t know it yet) who are ready to deal with the patterns that are not getting them the results they want, are sick of feeling ‘meh’ and want to take some action to bring their unique essence fully out into the world. 

I love it. 

And yet, what I have noticed I love potentially even more, is facilitating groups of humanaries!!

I mean, I have always known I have loved learning and growing in groups. Co-regulation for my nervous system is where the juice is AT for me. I have a life time of evidence to tell me this.  

I’ve been reflecting lately on when it was that I just knew that I loved being in groups. But not just being in them, bringing them together and leading them. 

And life leaves clues. Clues about what our soul is most aligned to for this lifetime. 

And sometimes, it takes a good while to really be able to string them all together to make sense of it. 

This is the tricky thing about our natural talents, and gifts. Because they have been with us since we were born, most likely before that actually, it is really hard to see them as gifts, because they are so natural. And because of that, we just think that it is natural for everyone.

I’m insanely curious (natural) and have a bit of a detective kind of mind. I am a seeker and a life long learner. And so, when I started to ponder this LOVE of creating groups, I went on a bit of a hunt. I rolled up my sleeves and went adventuring through some of the things I have collected, to find some clues. 

*****WARNING! Now please note, the next part is a WHOLE lot of me talking about myself. So it might seem a bit yawn and narcissistic….but I do have a pint with it, I promise. I am not just show boating. I’m just giving context. 😉 



This is the first ‘clue’ I could find. 

I don’t know if you can see the picture, but this is a comment from my grade 4 teacher. The section is Language/Arts. In the comments she writes, “Jenny (I used to be called Jenny) is quite innovative in her approach and has a special gift with organising others (into?) her enthusiasm” Where she wrote ‘into’ I reckon I’d have put ‘with’, but you know…horses for courses. 

I read this as she gets excited and then can organise others around the thing she is excited about. Yep. It’s true!

Throughout school, I was known as the ‘mother hen’. Gathering in people and organising them. I was drama captain in  my final year of school and director and performer in our end of school (grade 12) drama presentation. I was in charge of ‘bringing in’ music, and script ideas and people who wanted to perform. 

At school gathering people in and creating things was my fun! It didn’t feel like school when I was doing that! CLUE! 

At university, after I would give presentations, people would say things like, “you’ve missed your calling, you should be a TV presenter or journalist”. I would LOVE group assignments (other people hated them). I thrived gathering people and information, and even when folks didn’t pull their weight, I loved that we were a part of some creation. CLUE.

My Gallup StrengthFinder top five strengths results are “Input, Learner, Connectedness, Communication, Ideation”.

This basically says that I have a strong fascination with ideas and always looking for connections (ideation) and my inquisitiveness propels me to to collect information that interests me (input), always drawn to the process of learning something new (learner) and process it through the lens of ‘how can this cultivate connection? (connectedness)’ and bring it to life by sharing the learnings (communication). 

And while there is little in the strengths finder that suggests I have a gift for working with groups, what it does suggest that I have natural teaching abilities (learn + communicate = teach). 

In an astrology reading I had done a number of years ago, I was blown away with the accuracy of both where I was at and where I was headed. The key themes were ‘facilitator, teacher, wisdom holder, knowledge seeker here to help people’. It even said, “Here to nurture groups of people” and “Is like bamboo. Strong so that new saplings can bind to as they grow”. It also said I am a ‘receiver of messages from the unseen’. Still figuring that communication out. 

According to numerology reading my numbers add up to 33, which is a master number (11, 22, 33) and apparently the 3 represents lips and the natural ability to communicate. But not just talk with no substance and small talk (ew for me by the way). Express deeply verbally. Which for me, is double. 33’s are apparently master teachers who are here to learn through their own experiences and share with other humans, and to help raise the consciousness of humans. 

In Physiognomy (face reading) my lips suggest that I am a passionate communicator and creative and innovative. My face shape suggests I am a thinker first, and slow to pay attention to my body. My forehead suggests that I am a very quick thinker and can piece together connections quickly. Among other things…

All of these sign posts, clues, pretty much say the same thing. 

The truth is, our gifs and natural talents are mostly in plain sight. But many of us have wounds around our gifts. 

Perhaps, like me, you were told that you were too ‘opinionated’ or ‘bossy’ or ‘talks too much’. Maybe like me you didn’t really see the gift as a gift, and instead chose things that you thought were the ‘right’ thing to choose. 

Or maybe like me you didn’t have any guidance to help you identify your gifts. 

Perhaps you tried expressing your gift and you were shot down, or laughed at, or mocked or rejected. 

And that set about a pattern of hiding, of suppressing, of lying to yourself. 

The truth is, that not everyone will celebrate you for your gifts. 

Envy gets triggered. 

Fear of abandonment gets triggered. 

Comparison gets triggered. 

This is what makes it so hard most of the time to really let our gifts fully come alive. And it makes total sense. 

Our can environment makes it tricky to be the full expression of ourselves (this is a WHOLE email on it’s own…and don’t worry, I will write one). 


If you still are not entirely sure what your gift is, your natural essence is, DON’T GIVE UP.

Keep investigating. Ask questions and pay attention to how your body feels with you receive the answers. Notice what you are drawn to. Notice what people complement you on. 

Take some self assessment tests. 

Meet with a coach who has an artillery of tools that can help reveal your true strengths and gifts. 

Oh and give yourself a break! 

You have only been on the earth a short time in this body! 

You are still learning. 

And if you are sure of what your gifts are, what your passions are and feel like you are not living them full out, find a supportive mentor to help you see your blindspots. The eyeball can’t see the eyeball. 

You are not meant to do this on your own. 

I’m here cheering you on! 

Soon, it will all makes sense. I promise! Don’t quit now!

Until next we meet, keep being brave, keep showing up and keep sharing beautiful you. 

Big love

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