Can I let you in on a little secret? 

If you have a dream, or a desire to do ANYTHING in the world you are going to experience resistance. 

Resistance is like the shadow that casts when your dream is presented. 

So, the bigger the dream, the bigger the shadow it casts. 

And my love, resistance is just like gravity. It is a law that EVERYONE experiences. And how we deal with resistance will determine how far we go!

Here are what Steve Pressfield (author of “the war of art” – which I highly recommend) considers are the top causes for eliciting resistance:

1. the launch of any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise
2. any diet or health regime
3. any program of spiritual advancement
4. any program that is designed to overcome any unwholesome habit or addiction
5. education of every kind
6. any undertaking of any undertaking designed to help others
7. any act that entails commitment of the heart
8. the decision to get married or have kids or weather a rocky patch in a relationship
9. the taking a stand in the face of adversity

If you have ever set out with the intent to make a change in your life, you will know what resistance sounds like. 

I may sound like;

“You are never going to commit to that, so don’t even start”.

Or, “there are so many other people doing that, they don’t need another one and certainly no one as lousy as you”. “

You have so many other things that are more important going on right now”. “It’s been don a hundred times before”. “They are so much better at it than me”. “You always start things but never finish them”. *insert your own*.

And when we hear these thoughts, we think they are our thoughts. But they are not. They are resistance speaking. Like in mediation you can hear streams of thoughts, that are not you, they are just thoughts. 

Resistance is the same. 

So how do we overcome resistance?

Well. Quite simply, WE ACT!

As Nike said, JUST DO IT. 

“Sit our arse where your heart wants to be” is how Steven puts it. 

But what keeps us from sitting our arse down where out heart wants to be? 

RESISTANCE of course. 

What stops us from taking that course, or joining that fitness program or eating better or starting that little side business? 

And here is the kicker…..

Steven says (and I am inclined to agree), that whatever is most important an activity is for your souls evolution, the more RESISTANCE you will feel. The more FEAR you will feel. 

Dear god I have experienced that. And experience that. Over and over. 

So at what point does it change? 

At what point to we say, fk it, I am doing it. 

Well, it’s when the pain of NOT doing it is greater that the pain OF doing it.

Read that again and take that in.

At some point, the pain of not following your dear souls desire will get SO uncomfortable that you will be like, “Oh fk it, I am doing it”. 

But for a lot of folks, they just end up getting all resentful at the folks around them because they are choosing not to make the decision to start the course, or send the email about the thing, or ask the person if they could help them. 

I have lived that, and see if happen SO often in the humans I work with in my business. 

The thing about resistance is that it comes second. Always.

So, you will have a dream, and idea, a desire and then resistance shows up like the shadow the tree casts. 

First dream. Then resistance. 

It’s a force of nature.

Like gravity.

So, you don’t have to blame yourself for not moving in the direction of your desire. It’s law! It’s real! It’s a real thing! 

But my love, there is no silver bullet. The only way through is HEAD ON. 

You gotta face the resistance dragon. 

You gotta show up and say I see you and I’ll take you on mutha fker. 

It’s a David and Goliath kind of deal. 

Or you know the myths, where someone has to slay the dragon? Luke Skywalker has to confront Darth Vader. 

They all have to come to the moment where they have to face them.

And once we face it, we make the most monumental change. 

What you find there is some courage. You find some empowerment. And you find some flow. 

And you go! 

But you gotta see it for what it is. 

“Ah hello resistance, nice to see you. But you won’t be governing my decisions thank you”. 

And on you go. 

Pleeeeeeaaaaaase, don’t get to the end of your life and look back and see where resistance won. 

Know that it is PART OF BEING HUMAN to experience this shit.

GO HERE if you want to see what Steven has to say about dealing with resistance.  

And still we rise. And still we move forward. And still be do the things! 


Big love. xx

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