The best thing I did for my business (and my sanity and my marriage) was to hire a cleaner. 

We hired a woman who loves to clean and she is so god damn good at it, seriously….zone of genius. It suits her life and family, is incredible at it, likes the exercise and loves taking care of our home. 

What a gift. 

We get to support a woman do what she loves and I don’t have to do it, because damn, I don’t love it. 

Since she has been supporting us, my productivity has increased and my cranky mumma pants have been used as shining rags. 

Denise Duffield-Thomas‘s book “Chillprenuer” is kicking my old unsupportive beliefs to the curb! What a gift! 

Where in your life can you ask for support? 

Who can you bring in to your experience that can bring their zone of genius in, so you can get on with living yours?

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