Hello beauty!! 

It can some times feel like, with all the people doing all the things, that we really don’t matter much. 

We can look left and look right and see that all the humaning things looked to be covered off by other folks. 

And so we wonder what on earth we have to contribute and what we might be able to offer in this big wide world. And so, we don’t do anything. 

We just keep our head down, getting lost in gossip and fake news and drama’s and negative bullshit. 

But what if for a moment, we could lift our head out of our funk for a bit and ask what it is we REALLY want to contribute. Irrespective of it’s being done or not. 

No one has done it your way. With your voice. With your perspective. And what if it is your perspective, or your idea or your way that could really support another human? 

You know, the sun, our sun, it’s a star. In the sky there are a gazzzzzziiillllion stars and they all serve a purpose in the universe, but without the star that is the sun, the earth isn’t here. All of the stars matter. All of them shining! Like us. So don’t underestimate the power of your shine! 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get the end of my life and I haven’t emptied out completely and allowed my little light to shine. 




You don’t have to make it your career, but simply allow it to emerge and be released in the world..and then, well, who knows?

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