If you are an adult, it likely that you have not done this in a while. 

So, this is an interactive message. As in, I literally am inviting you to hit reply and answer me this. 

When was the last time you, just you, not attached to something to do with your children, or you partner or your work…but just you did something new? 

Okay, hit reply and let me know. You’re done! 

If you are still reading, then it’s likely you are like many adults. 

You are an adult who is probably specialised at adulting! Doing all the things that are for all the people, and making sure the needs of others are attended.

And, again, this is an opportunity to interact with me….email me back and tell me how that is working for you.  Are you feeling excited about the adventure that is your life or are you so bogged down in all the stuff you ‘should’ be doing? 

A while back working with my mentor, we were talking about my dislike of exercise at the moment. After my illnesses and back surgery, I was finding it really hard to fall in love with movement again. 

So we went through a process that I do with folks as well, and the light bulb came on (oh the power of working with a mentor). I was doing a lot of activities that I was doing on my own. Going for walks, going to the gym, doing yoga. All. By. Myself. 

I know myself pretty well, and sometimes I forget. I am a Connector, a Campaigner and Number 7 definitely a people person. So, I need to be around people to do my best work and get seriously charged up. I need to be around like souls, and inspiring conversations, and laughter and playfulness. I need to be a part of a team, with a common goal. It’s where I learn and grow the most. 

So my mentor set me a challenge to find 5 places in my local area that offered team sports. 

Netball? Hmmm. Yeah. Nah. Been there, done that. 
Softball? No. Don’t want to do that again. 
Hockey…hmmm, maybe…but ball the eye or stick to the shin…no.

I was feeling a little meh on it. My body wasn’t saying yes to anything. 

One night dropping the girls off to karate I saw a bunch of rowing boats out on the lake around the karate facility. 

And immediately, my body said YES. 

And immediately my mind went ‘whaaaaaaaa’? 

“Rowing? Really? But you’ve never done that! They probably don’t offer rowing for oldies like you. They are probably long term teams”. 

And this is the point. 

My body said yes. My body said go there. And immediately the mind throws up a whole lot of reasons not to. Not sometimes…ALL.THE.TIME. 

Buddha talked about ‘the beginners mind’. The mind of a child. A curious and interested mind. An open mind. 

So I googled for rowing information at the club and found they had a Masters team. And Masters is different to Adult. I found this out the hard way at an adult dance class. Adult is 18 y’all. 

Fast forward to now. I’ve been rowing for nearly 3 months. Once a week on a Saturday morning. Today I went for the first time during the week and we were so blessed to have a coach rowing beside us and giving feedback on how we are rowing. Helping us tweak and tune and improve. AND I LOVED IT. SO much. I am learning something new!! And my body loves it. And I just want to do it more. 


And to be fair, some of it is my personality. I am an adventurer by nature. I love exploring new things, but I have noticed with the humans I work with, the ones who constantly challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zone, even if it’s a little bit, experience SUCH GROWTH. 

They are willing to not know everything. They are willing to give things a go and see what it’s like. They are willing……

They move in alternative directions to both ascertain if something is a ‘yes’ or a ‘not yet’ or a ‘no’. 

They are not those who thing about it and plan for it and wait for all the things to line up perfectly, they just follow the desire to do something DIFFERENT. 

So sweet one. 

What are you waiting to do? 

Do you know if you like to do things alone or with other people? 

Do you stop at the first obstacle? 

Is it time to try something intentionally new? FOR YOU? 

I challenge you to do the thing. One little thing. Google it. Email someone. And take a little step. 

You’re going to be dead soon and life will just go on without you, so, may as well make the most of your opportunity. NOW. 

Until next we meet, keep being brave, keep showing up and keep sharing beautiful you. 

Big love

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