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This messes with my mind every.single.time

I cannot tell you how many times, my mind has had me in all kinds of expectation spills over the years. 

Expectations of other people. And as a recovering control freak, I used to have pretty high expectations of how people ‘should’ behave in the world. 

The bar was pretty high. 

People ‘should’ get back to me when I message them. 

They ‘should’ just know that when they say that I will feel like this. 

It’s a kind of passive aggressive way of saying, “if you behave like that, I will feel like this, and instead of me actually taking responsibility and making a choice that supports me, I will blame you because you are flawed and are triggering me”. 

It wasn’t until I found the work of Byron Katie that my little mind started to shift. In a positive direction. 

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4 reason why folks might not be moving forward….

Actually, there really is one reason that folks don’t move forward. Fear. But let’s break it down to the top 4 was fear shows up, preventing us from moving forward. 

Comparison. Procrastination. Distraction. Perfectionism. 

  1. Comparison. What are they doing? How are they better than me? Is mine as good, as big as nice as theirs? 

I absolutely have been crippled by this one in the past! No doubt about it. 

But here is what I know to be true. When I compare myself, it 100% of the time never leaves me feeling particularly good. And, when I don’t feel good, I don’t create good. Period.