Recently I have been thinking a bit. Which, for me isn’t uncommon, but yet, lately, I have been thinking even more deeply. More abstractly. And on reading it, may even seem more negatively.

I’ve been thinking about how not that long ago in human history, woman were literally killed, burnt at the stake, shames and vilified for their desire to help the humans, by using methods like intuition, herbs, plants, feeling.

I’ve been thinking how this vilification and shaming is most likely still a part of our DNA and those of us who are healing support folks, are most likely carrying some kind of witch wound.

I’ve been thinking about how healing modalities like Naturopathy, and homeopathy and kinesiology are predominately made up of women, and how recently the government has said that these modalities are not valid healing modalities.

I’ve been thinking about our political systems and the leaders of these systems and the way they speak of women.

I’ve been thinking about how women don’t receive the same pay rates as men and yet, manage to work in the same positions AND statistically, still attend to more of the ‘house stuff’ and ‘child stuff’ than men do.

The Witch Wound is “the psychic scar in the collective consciousness that (mostly) women start to awaken and feel deeply in their bodies as soon as they consider stepping into their power” (

I’ve been thinking about the major religions and how woman seldom feature, unless they are prostitutes or virgins.

I’ve been wondering if for the last 2000 plus years we had been referring to god in the feminine form instead of the masculine.

I’m still so confused by the fact that I can have a game of chinese whispers with 28 people, and end of it, the story is different and yet, we are expected to just believe all the stories written in the bible in a time when there were no reliable recording devices, except for stone and chisel…maybe that’s reliable. Like I said, I’m confused.

I’ve been thinking about how most of the education system has been set up for linear and logical thinking and the validation of that. About how if the kids want to do subjects like drama in primary school, we have to pay additional, instead it being a part of the internal curriculum. And yet, drama teaches kids how to improvise (life when life doesn’t go to plan) and communicate (useful for all human interaction).

I’ve been thinking about a government that puts a lot of honour and focus on an education system that confusingly, supports the training of humans to be scientists at the highest level, and yet those same scientists are communicating with the government about the the damage we are doing to the planet….and the government don’t want to listen!

I’ve been thinking about how now when I am out in public, it’s unlikely that someone will walk past me and look me in the eyes and smile, like they used to do. And how I am sure people feel so uncomfortable even making eye contact with other people now. Everyone head down on their devices.

I’ve also been thinking about why it has taken to have our children take a stand for climate change, that people are starting to wake up. I’m wondering why we have been so sleepy to the matter?

I’m still trying to figure out why America allows it’s humans to by semi – automatic weapons and what on earth humans even need them for?

I’ve been wondering why it seems to hard to care for the planet?

I’ve been exploring how things that seem so simple, actually are not easy at all.

There are so many things that are intriguing to me.

In the wake of the most recent atrocities in New Zealand, I am baffled why anyone would feel compelled to take the lives of humans who, really, when we boil it all down, are just doing their best to live a life that makes sense to them. Folks, who like you and me are trying to work out this humaning thing.

I think of all of the families affected by this painful event. And the humans that will be affected by this one event, potentially for generations.

It seems that to be human is to be ever so simple and yet incredibly complex. And when I think of all of these confusing topics, I wonder what the point is. Why should any of us do anything at all. Because, when I review all of the things that I have been recently considering, actually, I could feel very depressed.

And then I think about all the people who have come into my life in the most supportive and profound ways.

I think of the foster parents I had when I was younger. They were so kind, and tried with all their might to make us feel welcome in their home.

I think of the opportunities that were afforded to me in the Salvation Army, to facilitate teen youth groups when I was younger.

Of the people who helped me when I was literally lost in Los Angeles all those years ago.

I’ve been thinking about all the choices I can make in terms of educating my kids. And not all of them have to be mainstream.

I’ve been thinking about being around more witches and healers and menders and helpers and doers.

I’ve been thinking of my university teachers and tutors who helped me stay on track and get the stuff done. Of the tutor who told us her way of dealing with patients that have passed on. To open a window to let their spirit move on.

I’ve been thinking of my friends who when in my darkest places, supported me with their light.

Of my extended family who, while not perfect, have loved me in the best ways they can.

Of my little family team. Where I feel refuge and unconditional love.

I’ve been alive for long enough, to know that there is not one way to live this one precious life.

And that really, all of us are really doing is making it up as we go, in the best way, for each of us. Aren’t we?

May you find more love than you do hate in your world. Always.


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