Hi lovely, 

If you have been reading along with my emails recently, you would have seen that I was a big chuffed with my experience implementing the MarieKondo method in our home recently. 

We are 90% Kondo-ed. Just a couple of cupboards left. Which I am super looking forward to getting sorted. I’ve even got some excited children who are keen to help! 


More recently, I have been in the mood to Kondo my email subscriptions. 

My inbox is so often filled with emails that I am never going to read. And usually it’s from online stores that I have purchased off, or when I have chosen to sign up to some thing for some reason like 5 years ago, and I never open the emails. But they still keep coming. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if l there was a system in the email world that if you didn’t open an email for like, for ever, it would automatically just unsubscribe! #isthereanappforthat #isthatagapinthemarket

Anyway, as I have been unsubscribing, I have been paying close attention to what emails I do open. Often, if not all the time. And I wanted to share them with you. Because, if you read my stuff, then it’s likely you would vibe with theirs as well. 

I personally want to read emails that I feel like add value to my life. Emails filled with content that is helpful to me, consistently. Content that makes me feel good after I have finished reading it. 

Oh and side note, I ALWAYS read the emails I get from you! 

These are my top 3 from email lists. 

So, it is of no surprise I am sure, that you know I am going to say Martha Beck.  She (or rather her team) sends out little inspiring emails most often, that are just a Martha quote. Then, from time to time, she will end an email, filled with some of the most heart expanding and often mind blowing stuff about humaning as well. Yeah, I love them.

Another email I am almost 100% likely to open are the ones that come from Mastin Kipp. They are chock filled with support for us humans. Especially in the areas of trauma, and fulfilling purpose and passion. Big fan! 

And finally, I love to receive emails from Marie Forleo. Filled with super charged entrepreneurial content. She’s funny, insightful and is a kick arse business woman. 

So, they are my top 3 email list subscription things. Now, I’d love to hear yours. Hit the reply button and lay them on me! 

Heres to sharing the love. 

Until next we meet, keep being brave, keep showing up and keep sharing beautiful you. 

Big love

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