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Is your inbox filled with unopened emails like mine?

Hi lovely, 

If you have been reading along with my emails recently, you would have seen that I was a big chuffed with my experience implementing the MarieKondo method in our home recently. 

We are 90% Kondo-ed. Just a couple of cupboards left. Which I am super looking forward to getting sorted. I’ve even got some excited children who are keen to help! 


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Finding Your True Talents

If you are like me, you grew up in a generation that didn’t really pay too much attention helping us focus on what our talents were. 

When I grew up, talent were seen as sporting talent, or musical talent, or artistic talent and the like. And if you didn’t fit into one of those categories, then you weren’t talented. 

If you were sitting in front of me now, and I asked you, ‘what are you talented at?’ what would you say back to me?¬†Or if I said, “what is your gift?”