It’s September! Spring has sprung! Are you feeling the spring clean vibe?

I’ve been cleaning out a lot of old stuff. Some of it kind of forced, after I flooded our house last week. I left the tap on in the laundry! With the plug in! I mean! Come on! I intended to soak the stuff my daughter has spewed on the night before, after she was sick from a coughing fit. She has pneumonia! She’s such a little trooper though. Resting when she needs it. And moving when she feels it.  

I was also intending to throw in the shirt that our puppy had shit on that morning. Yep. That was a fun little adventure.

Anyway, I threw them in the sink with the plug in and the tap running. I went out to hang out the washing quickly then turn the tap off. It’s a big sink so I knew it would take a while.

I’m easily distracted. Ask anyone who knows me. “Oh, what is that shiny object over there…must go and investigate”. “Oh, someone needs help, yep, I’m there”.

Well, this morning, I was just about finished having out the washing and I got distracted by the dog eating my tree and went to take the branch out of his mouth. That took me down the other end of the house. While there, my eldest daughter asked me to help her with a creative project. Oooo, creative project. You need help! Ah yeah! Okay!

All the while the tap still running.

We have a reasonably large house, and the laundry is down the other end of the house. So I can’t hear anything from the main part of the house.

For about an hour and a half, the tap ran. Full tilt. And ran, and ran and ran!

Just before school pick up time, I remembered I had to hang out our washed doona cover that was in the washing machine. Thought I’d better just rip down and hang that out before heading off to get our son.

As I walked down the hall, I heard trickling water, that didn’t sound like the washing machine! From there, everything is a little bit of a slow motion blur!

Although, in surround sound, I heard it under foot! It was loud!

Holy shit!

It was under the floorboards, and with each step was squelching up between the boards! Bubbling, swooshing. Holy shit!

It had gone into the kids rooms, soaked the carpets, ran into the storage cupboards, and into the kids bathroom… was all epically wet!

I pulled out all of the towels that we own and enlisted the help of the kids to mop it all up. Walk up and down the length of the affected area encouraging the squelchy water to come out.

A few days on, and the carpet is dried (thank you for not being humid mother nature) and the floor boards…well, time will tell!

I’m not just telling you this story just because it is funny and could even be a little dramatic. As much as it is. And really, this story would be enough. But the thing about stories, is for me, there is always something to learn. For me. For us.

So, heres the real reason I am sharing this story. I’m telling you because last weekend I attended the intake weekend for the next course I am undertaking.

To say it was epic, is well, and understatement.

The course is Emotional Anatomy. And it is a fusion of all the things I love. Eastern philosophy, western science. Chakras, anatomy, Ayurveda. I was in my happy place. Although, because of some of the processes, you might not have seen that. I cried a bit! Ok, a lot. In front of all the people. More than I would have expected. Well, no. That isn’t true. I knew that I was there to explore some of the plugs! To see where I was blocked.

It felt like swell of emotion and I felt totally blindsided by it. Like, “where is this coming from?”. And I couldn’t even articulate what it was. It was just there. Bubbling over. It made me laugh. Literally. Laughing through the tears!

We have assignments to do and report back to our group via a facebook page. And I set the assignment for me to get some clarity about the waves of emotion. The spills of tears.

Nothing much had come to me. Even in my meditations!

Then, the day I had set to share the information, the floor floods!

Water everywhere!


So what was the flood leading me to?

A few things actually. For me.

Firstly, when something happens that needs attention, emotional attention, how often am I distracted with some other thing. Something to do with the kids, or the family, or the dog or the… your distraction really.

And so, that emotion gets plugged up. I had some pretty deep plugs. But I knew that.

That stuff, it’s energy. Emotion is energy in motion right? So it is always moving. Until we unplug it.

During emotional anatomy, I was able to witness where I have stored emotion in my body. The blockages. And we have only just begun.

The water flooding reminded me that it is vital to allow the emotion to move. If I don’t it will store up and then when it has no where else to go, it will uncontrollably overflow.

It will go under the foundations, and find it’s way into other rooms as well. And so what once should have been confined to the sink, was now in the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the cupboards. Affecting things that really didnt need to be impacted.

So, it kind of makes sense to me, that when we have emotional experiences but can’t really lock it on to a specific event, or thing, it is probably because we have had it plugged up for so long and now the emotion is showing up in other rooms.

What do we do?


Stop the tap. Pull the plug. And get cleaning up!

We get radically honest about how we feel. All the time. And we find a healthy way for us to move it. But it isn’t with the head. There has to be a physical element to it. Writing. Running. Yoga. Body work. Massage. Scream, cry, move.

But no shutting down. Or if you are a massive shutter-downer like me, then shutting down a little less. Or if you can’t do that, just noticing you are shutting down changes the energy! Shutting down is putting the plug in.

So, if you are going through something right now, and you feel like it is too big and overwhelming, oh how I know that space. It can feel so scary that you wonder how you will manage. I know you want it to go away. I know you wish it wasn’t happening. I know you are waving your fist at the universe, shouting “come on, what the hell”…..

Allow the feelings to be there.

Scared? I bet you are. So, lets allow it. Angry? You have every right to be. Allow it. Sad? Hell yes human! Allow it. Excited? Damn straight! Allow it. Energised? Bring it! Allow it!

Allow it all.
It will take you to places you never expected. And while it might seem so strange and even makes no sense…allow it sweet one.

I use writing to transform a lot of my energy. I also use music and shaking my arms. Like the floppy floppy scarecrow.

But I find the biggest help for me is to speak to someone who I feel completely safe with, who isn’t scared of my emotions. Who doesn’t judge their own emotions. And doesn’t judge mine. Who doesn’t need to fix it. Who can just help me be in the emotion. Ironically, it is one of my super powers to be in it with others…mostly!! I make a living out of it! Funny how that works really!

We teach what we most need to learn.

Until next we meet, keep being brave. Keep showing up. Keep sharing beautiful you.

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