I don’t know a lot of folks that do exactly what I do. But I know MANY folks that deliver their ways of mending and helping.

Perhaps, that is why for the longest time I found it really hard to define myself in a title. Because my stuff, isn’t like other people’s stuff, even though I really wanted it to be. I really wanted to ‘fit in’ with a particular way. Maybe old age, and lack of effs to give have made it easier to not even care about fitting in.

Sometimes it is hard for folks to understand what it really means to have someone offer them intuitively guided information. I mean, what even is that? What woo-woo, charlatan, con-man bullshit are you talking about?

I get it! I really do!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we were as skeptical about our own internal negative bullshit stories as we were about mystics!

For thousands of years, humans have been able to tap into energies of the universe. Mystics. Menders. Healers. Prophets. Visionaries. Witches. Shaman. Wayfarers. Stargazers. Lightworkers.

It is part of being human to experience mystical and magical experiences. But because our dominant culture is one that, lets face it, is pretty cerebral and in the head, it isn’t really celebrated. Or talked about. Logical. Must make it fit into concrete explainable terms. Otherwise is it fluffy, flakey, woo woo BS. And we don’t believe any of that BS do we?

And I completely get it. I’m a bit of a pragmatist and science lover. My formal school and university training is in the ‘real world’. Evidence based practice. Most of my educators at university were doctors. Doctors, who at times, I know questioned why mere nurses even needed to know the stuff they were teaching us. And 99% of them were male.

I like evidence. I like proof. But the evidence and the proof I have come to seek, is my own. I try stuff out and experience stuff to make my own interpretation of it. And frankly that is all we have. Our own perceptions of what is offered to us to experience.

I am so grateful for my education and to live in a country where I have access to formal recognition. Where I can receive certificates and papers to ‘prove’ I am competent at stuff. I am grateful for my qualifications, that have allowed me to work in the ‘real’ world. To march along with all the other ‘real’ worlders. To be patted on the back for all my ‘nice nursing’.

AND I am grateful to have left it behind. To have left behind the kind of healing methods that don’t vibe with my essential self. The ways of ‘helping’ that are focussed on a particular system or one size fits all. I just don’t believe there is one way. Despite my religious ‘drumming into’s’ that told me so.

From the youngest age, I have had the ability to be aware of things, without any evidence, without any proof. Things that just don’t feel right. Things that seem untruthful. Things that don’t add up. And I am not talking about maths kind of add, because math and I are not mates.

Instead, I have had what I can only describe as a ‘hmmmmm’  feeling. You know the little emoji that has a hand under his chin and looks up to the left. Like that. A wondering. A curiosity. A ‘something more needs attention here’. And nowadays, if I choose to, I follow it.

But back when I was a kid, no one talked about ‘knowing’. No one talked about understanding things that didn’t seem understandable.

When I was maybe 10-ish, I was staying at my next door neighbours house for a sleep over. Which wasn’t uncommon. She had a step mother, that at the time, she thought really was an evil step mother. Her step mother couldn’t have children and had inherited 2 pre-teen daughters when she was in her late 20’s. She was doing her best, but her best didn’t cut it with my mate.

One afternoon, as we lay on the bunks after being scolded and slapped (yes slapped) by her step mother, we started talking about stuff other than Madonnas new song, Flashdance outfits and which did we prefer more; her Micheal Jackson or Boy George figurine.

“I hate my step mum”, my mate said.

“It must be tough”, I said.

Long Pause.

“At least you know she isn’t your mum though. I don’t think my dad is my dad”.

Longer pause.

She eventually tossed her head over the bunk to look at me. Maybe to see if I was in my mind or not.

“Are you crazy? What do you mean not your dad?”

This was the first of many times, I have been looked at as ‘crazy’ because of some of the things I have felt. And for a very long time, I boxed the feelings up. Shut them down. And in fact, didn’t want to know.

Laying on that bed, I didn’t really know how to tell her that I just had this feeling. That there were things that didn’t make sense to me and even though I had no evidence, they felt true or not true.

So how did I ‘know’?

You, like me are a natural mystic. All humans are. It’s hard to swallow I know. Because not many of us were raised to believe this. To know that everything we need to ‘know’ exists already with in us.

Unfortunately, for many of us what we have learnt about the world has been governed by other people. And those people, have taught us not to believe ourselves, but to believe other people. To just listen and believe and trust. Have faith and don’t question. Follow the masses. Control. Submission. Repression.

And I say all of this, calling you not to believe me either.

Never believe anything that doesn’t vibe with you. Not that we just discount everything we encounter, but allow some space to feel it. Is it true for YOU.

Close your eyes from time to time and see in your body where this falls. And what it feels like. Notice if you have ‘hmmmm’ feelings. Pay attention to them. Notice them. Allow them to visit.

Not many folks that I have encountered use songs to help heal or for personal growth.

Very, very few folks have I encountered who specifically use songs, books, cards and their own intuition to help support folks on their humming adventure.

If you know of any, please tell me. They are my soul folk. We have work to do together.

My point here beauties, is there is more wisdom, more magic and more manifestation power that is in you than you may actually believe.

It is time to connect with your own intuition, your own inner guidance system, your mystical and your magical.

I’ve been doing a lot of Soul Visioning with folks recently, and time after time, I am blown away by the magic that comes to play when we connect. And the take homes that folks gather in their little baskets.

A few of the offerings I have collated to support humaning adventures are located here, if you haven’t already seen them.

You are a miracle. You are not here by accident. The amount of events that had to conspire to create you are in the billions.

YOU are magical. YOU are mystical. YOU are light.

Until next we meet, be brave, show up and share beautiful, unique you.

Big love




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