My father in law turned 70 recently. We had a party. His sister brought him the best present….and unexpectedly, gave me the best gift as well.

I run workshops. Personal introspection kind of workshops. An opportunity to check out of the ‘same ol’ same ol’ routine and going through the motions – and check in. Deep in.

One of my fave processes is the 88 year old self guided meditation. I take you on a trip to your 88th birthday party. You imagine yourself at your party. Wearing your fave outfit. Hair done beautifully. Location decked out as you most desire. All your loved ones are gathered to celebrate you. 3 of your loved ones are asked to stand up and speak about the impact you had on their life. They present a slide show of all your contributions to the earth while you have been here. And you also have the opportunity to see all the challenges you have overcome.

For those who allow themselves to go deep into this process, it can be a really emotional adventure.

But the intention is clear. I want to remind you that 1. life ends. 2. what is really important?

When you get to the later chapter of your life, what is going to be most important to you?

What impact do you want to have?

When people think of you, what do you want them to remember?

My father in laws sister complied a bunch of photos of my father in laws family. His dad. His mum.

She put together all his war medals, medical documentation and anything she could find to offer as a memory of his family.

Our kids were fascinated. They wanted to hear the stories. They wanted to share in the memories. This is their DNA. Their family. Their linage.

I know very little of my linage. And perhaps, this is one of the drivers for me to make sure I carve my way in my unique way, and document it in some way.

It didn’t occur to me until very recently, that it is really important to me that my grandchildren get to know as much about me as available. Both through my eyes, and through the eyes of those who share my life.

I haven’t been particularly inspired to write since I started my Adventures in Humaning podcast, which I am just loving.

But I had also been noticing that I was going through a writing transition. Making sure that what I brought to the world was of high vibe. No bitching. No complaining. No passive aggressive message sending to ‘some people’ who might read my words.

The result, just stuck. Bored even.

Today, as I was chatting with my 88 year old self (I can see how that might seem a bit weird), she asked me if I would regret not writing about my life, my experiences, my perspectives when I got to her age….and as I sat, and contemplated, at sat, and listened the answer came through loudly.

My memory isn’t the best as it is. And I don’t want to leave anything out. As a legacy for my family. As a legacy for this one human life I get. One human life in this body! THAT is pretty remarkable. One opportunity to see the world through these eyes at this time in this life. That still blows my mind. And at times, I feel a scene of anxiety that I am not doing enough. Not making a big enough impact. Not helping enough people. And, I am not! There is still so much more to do!

I have a renewed desire to write again. And maybe it is just today, but today I will let that flow.

To finish this book I am writing. To bring my words to the world. To leave a legacy. To create meaningful content. To help shift perspectives. To remind other humans they are not alone. To offer a candle light in the dark.

I can’t recommend having a chat with your wise 88 year old self today. Sit with her as she helps you gain perspective on what the most important things are for YOU.

When you sit with her, you could ask:

What do you want folks to say about you?

What is the most important stuff to you?

What will you regret not doing?

What experiences does you want to see on your life’s highlight reel?

Oh how I would love to know, so please share below! x

Until next we meet,

Be brave, show up and share BEAUTIFUL YOU.

Big love



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