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12 Years Writing this Chapter

Today marks 12 years that I have been in this chapter. Writing it collaboratively with a bunch of other humans!

This is the longest time I have spent dedicated to one thing! Achievement moment!

This chapter began expected, but yet completely unexpected.

Have you noticed that life is filled with opposing energies? The paradoxes that seem to be the foundation of life.

I mean, I am deeply introverted and crave quiet time at my soul level, but yet love to be on stage, leading workshops, facilitating retreats. I love being around other like souled humans.

And wanting to be surrounded by beautiful things, and yet, at the some time want to throw everything away and live so basically and simply with not one piece of ‘stuff’.

Feel so blessed and gushy and deeply moved to have been gifted your children and at the same time be annoyed and feel trapped or have lost freedom.

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Soul Songs

I gift songs for fun. And maybe I have a little bit of lisztomania. Is that like being a little bit pregnant I wonder?


I’m right in the middle of gifting Theme Songs for 2018. FUN!

The gift I receive from this process is that I get to infuse all of these songs into me as well.

So, I thought I might share some of the songs that consistently hit my soul personally.

May they touch yours as well.

Unlike previous blogs, these are organised into sections.

I’ll leave it to you to feel into the song titles and search them up for your good selves.

Oh and I am ALWAYS on the feel out for new songs, so feel free to send me yours! Share the good vibes. xx