I love the work of Tony Robbins. I have read so much of his stuff, watched hours and hours of his work and listened to so much of his wisdom on CD’s and podcasts. And next year I hope to attend one of his seminars! #onthelist

If you haven’t heard of Tony Robbins, you might want to do yourself a favour and get acquainted. He is a powerhouse, a game changer and a man on a mission to help folks undo their pain and live a full out life!

As always, I love to share stuff that has a positive impact on my life and so I want to share this.

Here are Tony Robbins 3 steps to a breakthrough. You can listen to the whole chat here: 5 Steps to a Breakthrough .

  1. A strategy. A new strategy. A new way to do something. A new way to get a result. A different result. A better result. A strategy is like a recipe. If you follow the recipe what will happen? You get the result. Who’s life would you like to follow their recipe? Who is getting the results you want? Talk to them. Find out their recipe. If you want to be more joyous and playful, you wouldn’t be going to someone who is depressed or bitter would you? If you want to know how to navigate tough times, would you go to someone who has never shared their difficulties?
  2. The Story. If your story is, “I’m big boned” or “I’ve tried everything”….The story is going to define what decision you make next. Even if it is true…it is not an effective story if you aren’t changing the behaviour. Stories give us a reason to turn away from our discomfort. It can keep us from going to the edge and limiting us.
  3. Your State. Your emotional presence. Can you recall a time when you were so hurt and depressed in your life. Perhaps it was a time when you were hurt by someone else actions? When you recall that, do you feel energised and light and vibrant and ready to achieve your dreams? Or do you feel heavy and bitter and angry? Or what about when you were first in love. How did that feel? What was your state? High vibe? Positive? Gushy? Motivated? And when you are in this state, nothing is a drama is it?
  4. Your Focus. What you focus on, totally affects your life. Whatever you focus on you are going to feel, even if it’s not true. If you are watching the news and all like, “Oh my god, the planet it going to hell”, don’t you start to feel like hell? Or are you watching the news and be like, “wow, there is some shizzle going down, how can I help?” how might this feel? Focus = feeling. Focus = direction. Focus shapes everything? What’s the problem though? Most of us don’t control our focus and instead let the world control it. What do you focus on regularly? What you can control or what you can’t control? If you focus on what you can’t control, you’re likely to wind up depressed. Do you focus on what you have, or what is missing in your life? Do you focus on the future, the present or the past? If you focus on the past, it is likely to depress you and take your energy. A happy human being usually lives in the present.
  5. Your meaning. What does this mean? How do you ascribe meaning to what you are experiencing? If you were to have an event happen that caused you great pain, does it feel different if you create the meaning that you were cursed, or gifted? What do you make up in your head. Is this the end or the beginning? Oprah is the master of meaning. What meaning to you assign to your life experiences? Are they all part of the adventure, or all designed to punish you and keep you in suffering? What meaning are you making up in your head?

And then….off this, we have to decide how we are going to act.

This podcast by Tony is well worth the listen folks. Well worth the listen. xx

Here is to sharing more of the stuff we love. I’d love to hear…what is you love? What is it you want to share more of?



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