The ocean. Vast. Powerful. Forever in flux. Breathing. Exhaling. Inhaling.

Have you ever watched the waves roll in and out and in it’s movement? Deeply? Have you watched it tumble to little pebbles along the waterline? I sat. For ages recently. And just watched the little pebbles.

Tumbling. Flipping. And as the wave hits, they move fast. Spinning. Turing. Rolling. Fast.

And then, the wave retreats and the pebbles lay on the sand. Basking in the sun.

I imagine that if they were human, this would be where they catch their breath. Stare at the sky. Feel the warmth from the sun. Until the next wave hits and they are spun and tumbled again.

And there they rest.

The little pebbles. Smooth. Rough. All different shades. All different forms.

And none of them resist the ocean. It appears that they have this unrelenting trust in the process.

They just let the water move them. In and out. Allow them to be swept to the shore and soon return to the ocean.

Water in, water out. Just like the ocean is breathing. It looks like the ocean is home  to the  pebbles. It feels like the ocean says to the pebble, “go out and experience time outside the ocean”. I wonder if the ocean said to the pebble, “Oh and while you are there, you’ll be rubbed up against the abrasiveness of the sand so that all your edges might be taken off”.

But all the while, the ocean is right there. Never leaving. The pebble is never lost, nor is it really leaving the ocean.

As I walk and watch the little pebbles, I wonder if what I was watching was what happens for us in life.

We come from this vast and powerful place. A vastness that is overwhelming at times. And we are pushed to the shore of life, to visit this earthly plain so that we might experience this sometimes abrasive place, so that like the little pebble, we might soften. Have our edges sculptured.

I often wonder, if there was a being at the edge of the universe and before sending the human to earth, stands with clip board in it’s hands, all excited and sales pitchy and says something like;

“Ok little human-to-be, are you all set?? You ready to go? Ok, so this time around, this is going to be your adventure! You will be experiencing such loss, devastation, betray, physical/emotional/spiritual pain that you may wonder what the heck has happened. But, you must remember, that this is merely an experience. Just an experience. And you will be okay. We don’t give anyone anything they can’t handle. And we are alway here for you…even if you forget that”!

Argh. Maybe if there was that process, we’d turn around and sit down on the edge of the universe and just enjoy the view!

And here we are.

But unlike the little pebble, we humans resist the process. We say, “no, this shouldn’t be happening”. We say, “life isn’t meant to be like this”. Instead we say, “I am more wise than you life, and it has to be done my way”.

We are propelled on to the beach of life by this force and while we are here, we are tossed about by the waves. Smoothening us. Taking the edges off us. And soon, the final big wave will crash and on the retreat, take us with it. Returning us to home.

Life is tough at times. Pummelled by waves it seems at times. Sometimes so fast and frequent we wonder if we will be able to catch our breath again. And then…rest.

Each time the little pebble is scuttled along the shore, it is changed. Subtly altered. The abrasive sand scrubbing it’s tiny skin. Softening. Shedding.

And then, rest.

Different. But the same.

Isn’t that like life? With each hit of the wave, we are changed. Sometimes massively, sometimes subtly.

When did life become some complicated? When did we start believing that money was what we needed to chase. That freedom came in the form of a coin or multiple dollar bills or an electronic number that is on a screen?

When did laying on the edge of the breaking waves become less important? When did we start to run from the waves? Running. Dodging? Until soon, the tsunami hits, to clean and refresh?

When did we stop seeing the earth was our home? When did we stop the caring for it’s precious resources?

When did we start valuing the chase more than the space?

The ocean is vast. Abundant. A life giving force that calls us to let go and stop resisting life.

And rest…….

Big love

Oh..and here is a song to infuse as you rest: Oceans



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