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5 Ways Criticism is Holding You Back

Criticism. Argh. Right? Have you noticed how much of it is in the world?

We hate being at the receiving end of it. And yet, there is this strange thing I have noticed about humans….they love participating in it! Tell me if I am wrong here!

Recently I noticed that I wanted to be in the space for more criticism to come to me. Not to hurt me, but to grow me. To prove that I am not afraid of words outside of myself. And I certainly wasn’t afraid of shiz slingers!

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Just a Pebble on the Beach

The ocean. Vast. Powerful. Forever in flux. Breathing. Exhaling. Inhaling.

Have you ever watched the waves roll in and out and in it’s movement? Deeply? Have you watched it tumble to little pebbles along the waterline? I sat. For ages recently. And just watched the little pebbles.

Tumbling. Flipping. And as the wave hits, they move fast. Spinning. Turing. Rolling. Fast.

And then, the wave retreats and the pebbles lay on the sand. Basking in the sun.

I imagine that if they were human, this would be where they catch their breath. Stare at the sky. Feel the warmth from the sun. Until the next wave hits and they are spun and tumbled again.