Social media and I have formed a new relationship.

Prior to the last couple of months, we had a bit of a…contentious relationship. I felt like it was always interrupting me. Always wanting my attention. Needy. It would keep me engaged in mind numbing activity for ages. It was available all.the.time. I blamed social media for my tiredness, my frustration, my scattered mind.

The time that we have had a part, I have come to see that it was me who didn’t have very healthy boundaries in place. And it had nothing actually to do with social media. Surprise, surprise!

So, after our cold turkey break, we began rebuilding our relationship, meeting for an hour 2 times per week. It was pretty effective I must say. The upside is that I didn’t feel overwhelmed with too much information, or too many things pulling at my attention. That felt good. Light. Energy giving!

I felt engaged with people so much more in their presence. I had my phone away plus I had taken social media apps off my phone, so I couldn’t be tempted with their little pop up numbers and my little flashing light on  my phone.

The best upside is that my body is happier. My anxiety is SO much less. My brain isn’t as scattered. And I am getting stuff achieved. Like completed. Not half done. That is something to be well pleased with!

The downside, I missed Pink tickets! Not being on social media, I missed it. That stinks a bit! Actually A LOT. By the time I got wind of tickets being released, they were gone. All stinking gone! Surprise. Surprise. I guess other adventures will call me next year.

The other downside is that I didn’t have space to gift songs like I love to. It is one of my fave things to do, and it is something that just shows up for me….and if I am scheduled, it kinda makes it tricky!

Overall, the break was totally positive and I have found a new way experience social media.

I like social media. I do. And, there are aspects I am not such a fan of. But, what I have come to see, it has little to do with social media and a lot to do with me.

Before our ‘break’, I was totally manipulated and felt controlled by social media. And a lot of the time, I would come away from an interaction with social media feeling less than…and not feeling particularly great, despite having such inspirational FB friends….

Ultimately, it was just too much!

Too much information. Too many images. Too many stories. Too much stuff competing for my attention! In the end, I just had to say NO. No more.

I get to choose here!!

I felt like I was being controlled. Used and not really connected.

Now, instead of it using me an controlling me, I am now using it and controlling the use of it.

Yep…I am the control freak in this relationship! I choose when we connect. I choose for how long. I choose what I want to focus on. THAT is the kind of relationship we are rolling with. And social media, while I am sure it wants to control me, has actually no choice! Yep, every day, I have the opportunity to choose! Ironically, as I type this the song that is playing is called, “I choose…….” Here it is if you want to vibe with it… “I Choose”. 

So, going forward this is how Social media and I roll.

  1. No FB app on my phone, therefore no tempting little numbers or blue flashing lights.
  2. Twice daily check in to FB for 30 mins (or less). Timer set on phone so I don’t go down a rabbit hole. This allows me to numb out as well!
  3. If I feel like I want to gift songs…I’ll jump on until the energy leaves me. Win.
  4. Ultimately, I choose……And I choose mental health. I choose focus. I choose to use Social Media and it not use me!

Ahhh, this has been such an awesome experiment!

Life. Just a whole lot of little experiments!

Until next time, be brave. Challenge the way you are doing things if it isn’t working for you.






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