The proof is in the pudding they say. Not even sure what that means. I just looked it up and it means that you can only judge the quality of something if you have tried or experienced it.

Now that we all understand the meaning of that (okay, so it is maybe just me who now understands it), I want to share the proof of following my intuition and asking for what I need.

Did you read about my loooonnnngg road to finally receive the first major treatment toward regaining my whole health? If you didn’t, it’s here.

It is the first step of many. Many I have already taken, and maybe this feels like a leap.

I am so excited to say, that that iron infusion I had because of my low ferritin…I have had AMAZING results.

Those periods where I felt like I was haemorrhaging…well, I am excited to say that my period began on Monday this week and 3 days later it was completely finished.

Whoopdy-do you may say. Mine are always like that, you may say.

Well, for me, since 2011 I have had 5 days of very heavy bleeding…at the very least!

On the fifth day of this last period, I was having a bath! Something I haven’t been able to do until about day 10 in 6 years!

Again, whooped-do, you may say.

This has been a very invasive and pervasive experience for me for so long. And to finally have a very un-invasive period is just, well, life changing for me! It has proven what I always knew to be true, but just couldn’t get anyone on my side to support me.

I am guttered that I had to experience this very easy to be fixed shit arse thing for so long, and I am guttered that anyone else may have had to experience the same thing.

For all those women who felt like they needed to have a hysterectomy, or an ablation or have a thing jammed into their uterus because of heavy periods…I am guttered.

This is more than just an iron infusion. This is the validation that I knew what I needed and it took me to truly back myself and not take no for an answer, that has restored the biggest power in me.

And while I am not suggesting that this could or will work of everyone, it is potentially life changing and I am going to be doing so much more research in this area and feel I am going to be speaking about this health game A LOT more.

So, step one is to alleviate the stress on my body because of this blood loss. Check. The next is to repair the adrenals and the thyroid that have been working overtime to compensate for the high degree of stress…in process. And then the next step is to share this stuff with as many women as I can speak to.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time with stress, or heavy periods, or slow metabolism…I would love to hear from you. I want to gather more information. I want to hear from the silent sufferers who feel like they have been overlooked, or have tried ‘everything’ and still feel like shit.

Women, lets talk, women to women. And talk about the real stuff that affects us. And lets see if we can use our collective wisdom to offer support and healing to a very exhausted segment of our population!

The body speaks to us so loudly at times and it is our conditioning and inability to really trust ourselves as not just ask, but demand that we are supported with what we need that keeps women feeling powerless and helpless.

It is a call to remember our own inner wisdom and not only listen, but trust it and follow it.

I write here as an advocate for us women trusting our inner guidance system and using our voice and our support networks to stand up and say, “NO, I know…..”

This inner guidance system I know I have shut down a lot through my life, and as of this time, I am committed to never doing it again….no matter!  

You know where I am. Love to hear from you!

Until we next meet, trust your inner guidance system.

Big love

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