Today. Today was GAME.CHANGING! Completely! I got exactly what I needed.

Now, if you choose to settle in to read this (grab a cuppa something), know that there is some rant-age in here. There is a wee bit of discharging energy. A lot of frustration released. And I am owning and and speaking up anyway!

But right now….I am seriously having one of those OH MY FREAKING GOD moments.

I am not long home after attending an appointment that I actually considered cancelling. And right now, I am just so incredibly glad that my internal guidance system said a loud NO when I pitched the idea to myself.

Truthfully though, I am running a mix of emotions right now.

I am feeling complete pissed at the numerous doctors I have seen in the past, who I have allowed to make me feel stupid and frustrated AND I am feeling completely empowered and inspired.

I am an educated woman. In universities and in life. I am not only an educated women I am educated in the area of health. AND STILL, I felt completely powerless and like I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

The number of times I was left wondering, why can’t they hear me?

It wasn’t until a month ago that I decided I was not playing nice anymore. I decided that I was going to be my own health advocate and I was going to take my power back. Trust my intuition and ask for what I needed.

Since 2011, I have had VERY heavy periods. Flooding and cramping kind of periods. Awful periods. Clot filled kinds of periods. Not ideal periods.

I have had all manner of scans, both externally and internally to see if there was something abnormal in my uterus. I have have my hormones tested multiple times. I have had multiple blood tests.

And all the while, each scan would show nothing and at every appointment with every doctor I asked the same question…but what is causing the heavy periods?

I have been referred to a gynaecologist to investigate. After relaying my experience she said, “Well, there are a couple of options for you”.

These were my options:

1. A uterine ablation. Which, essentially is burning the flesh that is my uterus, so that it doesn’t bleed. Um, I’m sorry. You want to what? Burn my bits? And while I do not judge anyone who has had this procedure, I can tell you, there was going to be no torching my sensitive flesh. That is my uterus.  You are not torching it!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti surgery AT ALL. I am not anti medication either. I just know there are some things that I will just not be doing. And one of them is the burning of the the home to the 3 babies I grew!

2. Insertion of a Mirena. A hormone releasing device to prevent pregnancy! Um. No. We are not doing that. I am not going to be falling pregnant after a tubal ligation! So, um no. There is no reason that you will be putting that in there!

3. A hysterectomy. Just take the organ out of my body! Huh? What? Because it isn’t “behaving” properly?

But someone, anyone, tell me why? Why am I bleeding like this?

One of my strengths is gathering information. I am a researcher. A searcher. A seeker. I find shit out. And while I am not an advocate for Dr Google in the same way I am not an advocate for taking on an attacker because you did one personal defence class, I am a Registered Nurse by trade, so I can make some sense of what I read.

And everything I read and everything that ‘felt’ right to me, lead me to believe that I had issues with my adrenals thus causing issues with my thyroid, thus causing issues with my ferritin storage, thus causing issues with my periods.

But no-one wanted to talk to me about that.

“No”, they all would say, “You have a condition called Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. It isn’t uncommon. You have it. And the solution is to stop the bleeding. We do this surgically or with the use of artificial hormones”.

But what about what is CAUSING the abnormal bleeding people. Surely there is something. Come on! Can you please hear me people??

EVERY time I have had a blood test, testing my ferritin it has been well below the therapeutic range. And not just below the range…WELL below the range. WELL below!

EVERY fucking time. WELL below!

“Eat more meat” they said. “Take an iron supplement” they said. “Take your supplement with vitamin C” they said.

All the while I am saying, “I can’t take enough to catch me up”….

All the while I am looking at these ridiculous ferritin levels and ‘knowing’ this was contributing to not only my heavy periods, but the increased stress on my body trying it’s hardest to regulate!

So, a month ago, I decided enough was enough.

After a ridiculously heavy period, I decided that was it. We are getting to the bottom of this and I am not stopping until we do. I don’t care what kind of ban-chi I looked like.

I called and made an appointment with any of the female doctors I could get into see. I don’t have a ‘regular’ doctor because they all seem to leave. Should I take that personally?

The doctor came out into the waiting room and called my name. I looked up and I am pretty sure I gasped. The woman standing before me I am pretty sure was a child in my daughters class at school. She had to be. She looked 10!

“F*ck”, I thought. I am ‘that’ age that even doctors look like they need permission to be out of home without supervision.

Great, I thought, this will go well!

I didn’t feel like going over the story of my ‘abnormal uterus’ again, but I did in the most concise and precise way.

As with all the other doctors, she said, “it sounds like ‘Abnormal Uterine Bleeding’, you’ll need to see a gynaecologist”.

I said, “Well, I have been doing a lot of research and I think this has to do with my thyroid and I want to explore that further with a holistic practitioner but given my ferritin levels right now and this ridiculous bleeding and fatigue, I think I really need an iron infusion”.

To which she says, “There is only one doctor here who does iron infusions and you’ll need to see her to see if you are eligible for one”.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? People, this is medicine 101. Ferritin in her boots since 2011, not improving with supplementation and lifestyle adjustment…do the infusion! AND the research shows that low iron stores contributes to heavy uterine bleeding. Duh!

But what would I know?

Finally I meet with the ‘iron transfusion’ doctor and after hearing my bleeding story, the very first words out of her mouth were, “We need to stop the bleeding”.

To which I say, “We need to find why I am bleeding and in the meantime I would like an iron infusion so that I don’t feel like passing out all the time”.

“That wont fix it” she replies. To which I say, “Can we just try this way? A less invasive way than having my bits burnt (yes I actually said that). “And, if that doesn’t help, then yes, you can give me the referral to the gynaecologist”. She wrote the script.

I made my appointment and had my infusion.

Within 3 days, I felt a massive shift in my energy. Massive.

By day 5 I made it through an entire day with no brain fog, no tiredness, no shortness of breath, no fatigue!

Could it be working?

Fast forward to today where I met an amazing Integrative Doctor. AMAZING. Crazy amazing.

When I told her the journey I have been on, she looked me in the eyes and said, “I am so sorry that you have had to have this experience. It is very clear to me that your body has been under immense stress and it is absolutely a no brainer you needed an iron infusion, years ago. I am so sorry you have been so let down”.

I could have cried. Cried tears of joy! And believe me, I have shed many a tear in a doctors room because of this and not one of them has been in joy!

I sat with that doctor for 2 hours! 2 hours! We went over it all. And I came out of there with not only a plan of attack but an entire education of why all of this was happening right down to the root cause. None of my bits were labeled as abnormal. I wasn’t given a prescription fill.

Instead, I talked, she listened. Instead of lecturing me and sending me on my way, she drew pictures, hand wrote a plan. Step by step. Healing my adrenals, healing my thyroid and with not one pill!!

We explored what had probably caused my back to explode and the flow ons….I had so many light bulbs and felt completely respected and a part of the process.

Instead of feeling like a broken and dysfunctional human, I felt empowered, completely heard, and completely seen. And not some fluffy, pat, pat on my shoulder but someone who delivered what I am now calling ‘compassionate science’.

Grounded in the science but delivered with heart. NOW THIS is a medical system I want to experience!

Game changing day! Air fist pump!

Until next time,

Trust yourself ALL the way!

PS. Please feel free to share with anyone who you think might benefit. xx



  1. Yes! And yes! Thank God, finally a break through – congrats! Medical is soooooooooo incredibly frustrating! I know exactly what you mean, and even though this isn’t my much needed break through, I am thrilled you have had yours…xxx

    1. You know what Xanthe, I really feel like you ‘know’ what is going on here. It is just about trusting it. I’d love to explore it more with you! You just ask. I’m ready! Big love. xxx

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