You know I love me some vibes. And I just love sharing them!

Here are some tunes for your to savour for this Monday.

If you are feeling blah!

This is a reggae vibe. Thanks Michael Franti.
Written for you and me. Thanks Yuna!
Time to lift it up! Thanks Macklemore

If you feel swoonish and snuggly.

We can take the world…Thanks Johnnyswim.
Hold the lantern..Thanks India Bourne

If you feel like giving up

Mmmm, love me some of this…Thanks First Aid Kit
Anthem. YES!! Thanks Andra Day
Lift up. Thanks Andrea Faustini

When it is time to let go of those held back feelings (not for listening in public). 

Take it all in and let it all out. Thanks Olivia
And lay down and listen. Thanks Enya.
You didn’ you do. Thanks Andrea Faustini

If you would like a song just for you, just message me. I love gifting them. You just have to ask. That is the only condition…

Until next we meet, life is made up of energy. How are you using yours?

Big love


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