I commented in one of my blogs recently about smart phones, maybe really making us dumb. So, I guess, the phones are still smart?

I’ve noticed this trend, and I know it is the ‘norm’ now, that when you go out to have a ‘catch up’ with a friend, there is a phone inevitably sitting on the table.

When did this start to be okay?

When did it start to be the norm that when you are sitting with a real human, having real human chats, that the phone needs to be up on the table? I know some lovers of dogs  and I am pretty sure that they don’t love their dog that much that they would let them sit on the table…

Leaving a phone sitting on a table while you are having a human chat is basically saying that you are interesting enough for a period of time, but when I get bored of you, I will look at my phone. Or if my phone makes a noise I’ll have to check it. I’ll make it ok though, because I will share what I am looking at with you.

Some might say that it isn’t a big deal, it’s ‘the future’ and ‘get with the times’.

I am totally up with the stuff (as much as a 41 year old, working mother of 3 can be). I watch social trends, I study humans, I am pretty self aware and still, I can find no good reason to have my phone out on the table.

So, I’m not going to. And I am REALLY going to practice this. So keep me accountable!

If you meet with me, guess what, I’ll want you to do the same. But, it’s your life and you get to live it your way, so you can do what the heck you like. The thing is, that if you have your phone out, even if it is upside down, you are sending a pretty clear message. And don’t be surprised that we have a conversation about it.

I can hear the “but I need it for work” rebutters. And the “I’m waiting on a call from so and so”.

If you are working, then I don’t want to distract you from your work. Keep working. And when you are finished work, lets connect then.

If you are waiting on a call from so and so…do you have a message system? If you were in a meeting at work and your boss had a no calls in meeting policy, would you take the call in the middle of the meeting?

I might sound like a battle axe with this, but humans, come on.

Maintaining human connection is like only required for the survival of our species.

We’re dealing with an epidemic of disconnected and depressed humans walking the planet.

Do you think we could try to ‘be with the one you’re with while you are with them’ and see what happens to our relationship! Might seem crazy I know, but do you reckon we can do it? I mean, we do brave and ‘out there’ stuff right?

And if I get my phone out while we are connecting, tell me….I want to be a person who doesn’t need to be connected to their phone more than humans in their presence.

Am I on my own with this, or are others feeling it too?

Be brave. Show up. Share your message. The world needs your unique way.

Big love



  1. I totally agree with this Jen. The only thing I must say is I do get a bit anxious if school calls and I miss the call. I am not so bad now that the boy is in a school that can handle almost every situation. But that would be the only time I would take a call.
    And yes you are interesting lol.
    love your work, keep on writing, human.

    1. Thanks Miss Ange. <3 I get that totally. Most parents feel the same I am sure. And especially special needs parents. In this little blurb, I'm talking about a coffee catch up or lunch one on one style for an hour or so. If you are hanging for the whole day, different story 🙂 I keep thinking back to the days when parents couldn't be contacted, unless they were at home. Everyone seemed to manage. I'm wondering if we have just become SO contactable now that we think that if someone can't contact us something is wrong. Just in the process of noticing how tech infiltrates into my own life. Pretty interesting! 😉

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