I love positivity. I love staying positive. I do. AND I also love the exploration of all the other stuff.

I love all the dark emotions as well. Maybe because I have spent a lot of time with them over the years.

As I continue to explore and research energy and hurt and anger and frustration, I came across this juicy, juicy debate/discussion about anger and exploring whether it is actually force for good.

It’s definitely worth sharing. Not because it has any profound answers but shows that folks who spend their lives studying this stuff still don’t necessarily agree! So, as I love to do, I’m sharing it with you. And, as usual, I would love your feelings on the subject.

Check it out here.

This little chat will be great for anyone who wonders if they are ‘too angry’ or ‘is this feeling even normal?’

After watching this, I don’t know that I am any more clear about anger and it’s usefulness, but I do know this.

To know ourselves and to have high self awareness and self compassion is paramount in being human. If we want to thrive and enjoy this human thing that is.

It seems helpful to be a keen observer of self. To notice what triggers us. To feel what that feels like. AND THEN to use the energy to help contribute in a meaningful way for our own lives and to the planet.

These things I feel are pretty true for me as I observe and explore anger and it’s edges. I am of course, curious to hear what you feel.

~ To feel anger is to be human.

~ To use anger as an energy to intentionally harm another, is violence.

~ To use anger to propel us to make a stand and take action, is courage.

~ To use anger as a gate way to explore our pain under it, is self compassion.

~ To use anger as a motivation to take you out of a harmful situation, is self loving.

~ To use anger to make very clear what is okay and what is not okay, is setting healthy boundaries.

And it seems essential that we don’t hold that anger inside. Like some poison left to corrode us from the inside out.


Perhaps, anger is simply an energy. An energy that just wants to move. That just wants to be channelled and to be USED to propel us to take action.

And when we get angry, perhaps it is helpful to ask, “How can I use this”?

I like Sue Langley’s perspective in the little chat that I’ve attached her to watch..she says that to feel anger and then to create space in the form of a step back, and or deep breath before we act is a healthy choice that usually produces positive outcomes.

As we learn to notice what anger feels like, and not be afraid of it, but rather curious about what it has to teach us, then just maybe, we have the potential to create some seriously potent stuff here on the planet.

Learning to use our anger, and all our emotions as an in-road to self awareness and learning. To heighten our compassion and wisdom. And to detach from the poison that anger can be left unchecked and unprocessed.

But, I’m still exploring this and I would love to know your perspectives.

How is your relationship with anger? How do you use or see anger? I’d be really curious to know.

Until next we meet.

Be brave. Show up. Fall over and get back up stronger.

Big love

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