83 days of no booze and 7 days of no Facebook. Talk about detox central. No small things for this little boozing social media mouse!

I’ve done all manner of detoxes when my body has asked for it. But to date, I have never done the combo of alcohol and social media.

And so it begins.

But why? Why did I even think this was necessary?

The older I get the more in tune I get with my body. The more I notice things that feel like freedom and light and expansive and the more I notice things that make me feel anxious, overwhelmed and contracted.

I was scrolling through Facebook recently and felt like I had entered a foreign land.

Comparison-ville. Green. Lush. Filtered.

This land is filled with perfect, edited, really smart, creative, over-achieving folks. And by every measure, I didn’t belong there. But maybe it is more than that. It is more that there is just no depth of connection with the platform. Perhaps I am not using it correctly? I am happy to be enlightened if you have another opinion.

As I scrolled, unconsciously seeking…but not really knowing what I was seeking I looked up at the clock and noticed it had been 30 minutes of just plain scrolling. Not even engaging. Not commenting. Not connecting. Just numbing out. Just time wasting.

And while I don’t judge time wasting at all, it was the first time I noticed I felt anxious. Shallow breathing. Tight. Small.

This is not how I want to feel. And while I don’t blame Facebook for the feelings, I definitely think it was contributing to these feelings of discomfort.

I seek depth.

Depth of conversation. Depth of insight. Depth of connection.

And as I seek this, I am noticing the shallows where my attention can reside. I am noticing where I am spreading myself really thin. Really shallow. Superficial. Skimming the surface and not really achieving anything of substance because everything is only getting a little bit of me.

Gotta say, it is fucking tiring. Energy sucking and not uplifting at all…for the most part.



And I am done with tired seeking. So, if it this body feels tired I stop! No analysis paralysis. No justification. No story making. No should-ing all over myself. Just STOP.

So, for now, you wont find me on Facebook. Unless you find my blog just come through because of this quirky link I have with this blog and FB.

And for now it feels F*CKING AMAZING. Air fit pumps!

You can find me here though.

So, if you want to keep up with what I am up to, subscribe to this blog. You’ll get all the first juice when the fruit is squeezed. All fresh. All natural!

Don’t get me wrong though. Social media is awesome for some many things. I have attended some amazing workshops I found on Facebook. I have received some amazing recommendations via Facebook. And I still consider myself part of the community.

But, I have to listen to my body. That is my life practice. And for now, it says no.

What about you?

Do you think you might have an issue with social media?

  • Is your phone the first thing you check in the morning before you do anything else?
  • Do you scroll aimlessly through and not engage. Just sit on the sidelines comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing?
  • Are you experiencing high levels of fear of missing out (FOMO)?
  • Do you feel like you are missing out on the world and falling behind when you are not on ¬†social media.
  • Do you feel like you have to comment on everyone’s photo or comment so that no one feels left out?
  • When someone leaves the table, you instinctively pick up your phone to see what is happening on social media.
  • Do you have to have your phone visible when you are with someone in case ‘something more important’ might come up on your phone and you’ll need to check it?
  • Do you only post pictures of your kids doing amazing things but don’t share anything else?
  • Do you take pictures purely with the intent of sharing it on social media?
  • Do you just scroll aimlessly comparing your life and being judgey about what others are doing?
  • Do you know more about your friends because of social media than in real life?

I found this test¬†on internet addiction that is pretty confronting I must say…and after completing it, it turns out my body was on to something.

How do you feel about using social media and the internet?

Do you love it? Are you active a lot? Do you enjoy connections on there? What are your reasons for using it?

As always, I love to hear your experiences. I hope I’m not alone in this…

And if you think that you have someone in your life who might benefit from this, please pass on the love. xx

Keep listening to your body. It’s wisdom is profound.

Big love



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