I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling this weird ‘transitionary’ kind of vibe in the air.

I’m not sure if it the folks that I am speaking to, or the stuff I am reading on line, or if I am just tuned into how me and my hubby are feeling at the moment.

Perhaps it is spring, or the moon, or the butterfly flapping in Brazil. Oooo, that butterfly thing again..#insidejokeforsoulcollectives

Whatever it is, this is what I am feeling. And from years of doing this human thing, I have come to see if I am feeling it, then at least one other is too.

And perhaps it is you.

If it is you, then this is for you.

Sweet transitionary, this is an exciting time.

All that caterpillering that you have been doing, all the bunkering down in your cocoon and dissolving, all of the feeling scattered and aimless…this is your time.

Recently, the caterpillar turn butterfly process has been around me A LOT. Like SO much. This space of transition. Going from one formation to another. Not necessarily changing,  really more transforming…More on that later.

What I really want to use this time for, is to talk about this ‘Do what you love‘ gig.

“Do what you love” is such a bumper sticker idea. Really. Isn’t it? A throw away comment that free spirited, head in the clouds pixies and fairies say. Isn’t it? I mean, no real, hard working person believes that..so they?

Inhale. Exhale.

Well, from what I can see, what I can read, what I have experienced, it seems that to follow your dreams…or do what you love, you actually have to know what it is you are dreaming of and what you actually love!

But it is one step before that…in order to DO what you love, you have to KNOW what you love….what excites you, what lights you up, what you ACTUALLY love to do.

“Well”, you say, “I do know what I love”.

“Well”, I say, “Are you living that life”?

If you are. Then I hope you celebrate that every day you are alive. Because do you know how many folks just aren’t?

If you aren’t then my little caterpillar, I have some great news for you.

This is for you.

What I LOVE is, is learning about stuff to help optimise and accept the human experience. But what I LOVE MORE is sharing with folks so that they too might be able to optimise and accept the human experience too. I just LOVE it.

That is why I write a blog, run workshops, do one on one coaching. I seriously love it and am looking to do more of it.

And in my learning and exploring and trying on, I have noticed some distinct themes running. And I have noticed them running in my own life as well.

In the noticing, I have come to acquire some pretty yummy skills to help navigate this path. The path from knowing what you love to doing what you love. Like for real!

So you, sweet transitionary, if you have done all the courses, read all the books, been through all the youtube clips and nod with excitement…but are just spectating, I really want to help you get in the game.

I am running a series of zoom (like Skype) sessions to help you break out of that little caterpillar coat and help you flap those wings! If you don’t have a zoom account, no fear. It is easy to log on and wont cost you a thing. 

And here is a hint…the sessions wont be about what you already know, because you know all the stuff right?

The sessions will be about what is holding you back from doing what you are on this planet to do! 

This is something I am really excited about, so if want to be a part of for free, then all you need to do is put your details in the box below and I will send you a link to our session. I’ll be running a few of them, so you can choose one that suits you.

You’ll be able to ask questions, have a laugh, and maybe…if you are open to it…have a massive breakthrough! Oh and you’ll also get to connect with other souls who will be sharing the journey with you.

That thing that is inside you to help serve the planet…it is time for it to be seen!

Big love





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