9 weeks.

63 days since I have had a drink of alcohol.

*the crowd cheers*

I wish I could say that the impact has been radical.

I wish that I could say that it has been completely transformational.

But that would be wishing I was perfect.

I secretly had expectations that giving up alcohol would be, like, I don’t know, completely game changing.

That all the stuff that I struggle with, all the illness stuff, all the physical stuff all the emotional stuff would, just…heal and be gone.

Radio station perfection has been blasting it’s broadcast.

“9 weeks? Meh! Pft. Woopdidoo. Anyone can do 9 weeks girl. And look at you. You are still not a vision of wellness and health. You are still carrying too much weight. You are still fatigued. You are still experiencing aches and pains. You still can’t run no marathon missy. Oh, marathon…um, can’t even run the block! You gave up alcohol…looks like it hasn’t done squat”!


Do you ever have this kind of commentary running in your mind?

And, there is definitely some truth in what perfection says. But frankly, listening made me feel like shit.

So, I swapped channels today to hear what radio station progress had on.

“Holy curds and whey giiiiirl. 9 weeks? 9 buckwheat pancake flipping weeks? Have you ever gone that long before? Ever? That is 63 days that you have chosen to say no to alcohol. 63! That is like nearly $500 you have saved. Say, $7.50 a day on an alcoholic beverage, every day…nealy 500 smack-a-roon-ies. Well bloody done hun! And look at you getting up in the morning without the alarm.

Waking up with the birds, naturally and not holding your head as you get out of bed. Sure, you might not be completely 100% in the wellness stakes, but girl you are so, so much further along than you are giving yourself credit for. Oh, and lets talk about the progress you have made at events. Events where you would normally drink. You have inspired your friends by your carving up the dance floor energy. Dancing all night at that 40th, and also taking the microphone and rapping, “Ice, Ice Baby”…sober! And the crowd feedback was awesome. Remember that! And that blog you wrote about it….remember all the comments and discussions you have had post that? Girl, I know that it can seem like these changes aren’t making a difference…especially when you are listening to radio perfection. But they are. They really are. This change, made repeatedly is altering the chemistry in your body. And your body my love, is thanking you each and every time you make that choice. You have made massive progress. And your progress, and you needs acknowledged. So today, find some time to celebrate you”!


I much prefer THAT radio station.

9 weeks. 63 days.

Yes. I am feeling that that IS worth celebrating. That I am worth celebrating. What an awesome commitment I have made to myself.

I’d love some ideas on how I might celebrate myself. If you have some, please share with me! I want to practice more celebrating!!

Jen Lean


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