I sent some cards of kindness yesterday, like in my Love Letter Project .

I still do this from time to time when I feel inspired, or bored, or creatively stuck, or just because.

I’m super grateful for the Love Letter Project, for a lot of reasons, but one of the best things that came out if it was one little sentence.

It is a sentence that has helped me navigate some of the darkest times since then. Through the sciatic pain, through the operations Madi underwent, through the recovery of my back surgery.

It’s a sentence that I have come to use, not only in my dark days, but in every day life.

Most mornings now, it is my mediation. My mantra. My contemplation. My asking.

That day when the white pages found it’s way on to our front lawn, after I grumbled and mumbled about it, I got curious. And the more I journey in life, the more I have come to see that it is in our curiosity, life magic occurs.

As I walked the book back inside, I kept wondering what on earth I would do with the book. Especially given I could not remember the last time I used the thing.

Over time, this question, this one sentence kept playing in my mind.

“How can I use this for good”?

Stuck in traffic. “How can I use this for good”?

Instead of swearing and getting wound up, I could choose to set myself a breathe challenge. Do 4 rounds of inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds. I could turn the music up and sing loudly. I could play one of the inspiring podcasts I have. If the kids are in the car, I can ask them for life advice. About dealing with friendships and about exercise and just spend time getting their opinions on stuff. We could play the “in this car we only do high voices” and talk in high voices. The first one to laugh is out. Winner gets cash! What else?

Teenager storms out. “How can I use this for good”?

I don’t have a teenager, but I have kids. And kids still get shitty and storm off. How can I use that for good. Well, they get some space to chill or step away from the tension and I get to take some deep breaths. I can ask myself how I contributed to the tension. I can learn from whatever went down…so I can did it differently next time. What else?

Daughter in hospital. “How can I use this for good”?

I have so much uninterrupted time with her, that I wouldn’t normally get with 3 kids. I don’t have to cook (although…hospital food hasn’t changed at all). I can catch up on some writing and reading. I can watch Ellen at midday. I can paint her toe nails. I can sleep when she sleeps. I can learn more about anatomy. I get to meet new folks. What else?

Get diagnosed with a myriad of health conditions.How can I use this for good”?

I get to learn more about my body. I can make other choices to support my health. I can ask for support from a naturopath. I can focus on my health. I can use the experience to educate my kids and other people who might be sharing similar journeys. I can care for myself. What else?

Feel stuck and unmotivated and flat. “How can I use this for good”?

I can write about it. I can reach out and ask for support from a coach or trusted friend. I could schedule time for reflection. I could mediate. I could mediate more. I could ask my body what it needs. What else?

Wifi down. “How can I use this for good”? 

Technology detox! Less distraction. I can read. I can write on paper. I can talk to someone. I can go for a walk. I can do like anything…what else?

Awake at 2am. “How can I use this for good”?

Run into another car. “How can I use this for good”?

Is there anything that you are dealing with at the moment that has left you spinning a little bit, or frustrated or confused?

I wonder what it would be like if you pose yourself the questions, without sarcasm and cynicism…”How can I use this for good”?

Let me know if this rocks your world too. Try it out. Let me know. If there is someone you think that could use this little sentence, please share it with them.

Biggest love



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