Can you believe it is nearly July? Jooo-lie. You lie…:D I wish I lie!


But here we are. I am right here with you.
We are now well over half way through the year and it is a really great time to check in and have a wee review of the year thus far.


It is tempting for the mind to go to all the things that we haven’t yet attended to, all the stuff that hasn’t been completed, the failings, the things that went to shit, or didn’t go anywhere at all…..all the stuff.


I find it easy to review and think, “well, nothing went to plan at all…what the frangipani actually happened?”


If you are like me and have a year or even a few years of ‘not going to plan’, and like me you wonder if you are on the right path because of all the obstacles that have been thrown up….I just wanted to pop in and explore the possibility that things not going to plan IS the plan!
So lets all take a big arse inhale and exhale and open up to the possibility that all of this stuff is exactly what is meant for you to experience.


Maybe you’ll remember that there is nothing outside of yourself you can control. The only control we have, is over whether we see things are negatively impacting us or positively shaping us.


Some life shit is really difficult to understand at the time, I know….one step at a time, one decision at a time, one breath at a time…and soon you will understand what the professor of pain and discomfort has come to teach you.
¬† Whatever you are facing right now, you can deal with it. Because you are that person. I know you are, because you’re not that different to me.


Keep breathing. Keep planning. Keep having stuff in the way of the plan.


Big love.

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