When was the last time you were in a library or a book store? How do you feel when you are in them? What draws you there?

I was in both today. Did you know I’m writing a book? Yep. It’s out there…again. I have been trying very hard to get what is in me into a book thing. I’ve tried like a gazillion times.

This week, I found my flow. I found my way. And I found he way forward..I think šŸ˜‰

Today around the books I felt inspired instead of intimidated. Instead of comparing myself to the authors, looking for their letters after their names and all the stuff that makes them ‘good enough’ to write a book… it struck me.

If you stand eye to eye with those books, you stand eye to eye with their authors. We stand eye to eye with the humans who sat or stood in front of their writing machines, to put all of those perspectives, ideas, experiences on those pages.

All of us, ALL of us is an accumulation of our experiences. Experiences that no one else can or will have in the same way you or I will. And in the moment, all of those experiences accumulate to make us who we are. And from this place I write, they unfold.

The experiences come into our realm and through us they transform. We transform. We evolve. We create.

Don’t you find that so profound?

All of those people, just trying to find their own unique way in the world?

They are no different to you or me.

If we were to stand in front of their authors and looks t them in the eyes, and remove all the eternal comparisons and all the stories that came before each of us, who is left standing looking at each other? If we remove the judgements of skin colour and gender and height and weight….who stands before you?


Who stands before us is us.

Organisms that have been created to love out a unique experience. A unique experience. And the power in that experience is the curiosity of both our own experience and the experience of others.

Here’s a challenge for the weekend if you are up to it.

At some point over the weekend, go out and walk a street filled with people and look at those people without judgement and see how hard it is.

See how fast your brain wants to judge people.

You might look at folks and judge them because they are walking while looking on their phone. Notice what happens when you judge. Notice in your body.

You might judge someone as to how they have put their outfit together. Ask yourself, “am I looking at the person, or at their external stuff”?

You might judge someone because they choose to drink alcohol or smoke. Again, what does it feel like? And do you feel more curious about them, or more separated from them?

The external judgement is what keeps you and I separated from them and for each other.

When was the last time you were at the beach? I was there today. And it struck me again.

What if we are each our own wave. Each forming out of a collective ocean, each expressing itself in it’s own unique way? You and me waves. Constantly in flux. Forming out of the same ocean. Not competing with each other, but just rising and falling.

If you are feeling like you aren’t special or there is nothing important about you or your experience, your mind is keeping you small. Isolated. Separated.

If for a moment, if just for a tiny second you consider that you are here purposefully, to have your own unique life experience and share that with others, you create a crack in the shell that keeps you hidden. And safe.

Once there is a crack, you can gently keep emerging. Peeking out.

Can I remind you on this Friday, if you are being hard on yourself for mistakes you have made, or choices you made or didn’t make, nothing in your experience is wasted.

Please don’t live you life in spite of what you have been through, live your life fully BECAUSE of what you have been through.

You are important. Your life is important. And so is theirs. So is ours. All of us. Once we drop the judgement…can you see it? Can you see it out of your shell?

Today, lets invite some curious energy in and drop the judgement about ourselves and others for a while.

I wonder, what must it be like for you in your world.

I would so love to hear.

You know where I am fellow human. I am walking along beside you, in silence honouring your journey.

Big love


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