I haven’t written anything in the longest time. And that actually feels good to me right now.

When a severe storm is raging and the windows are shaking, and there a leaks in the roof, writing about it isn’t the most relaxing of experiences. Writing in general doesn’t seem so important. Not as important as breathing and living. Although I am sure many would argue that writing is exactly that for them…seemingly not for me.

Life has been a bit stormy in our world recently. Something that I wasn’t prepared for. And in this case, I am not sure how much preparation we could have done for this life storm. And frankly, I am done thinking about it. Or trying to understand it. It bores me to be honest.

It’s raining outside at the moment and I can hear the squeals and ‘nah nah na na nah’s’ of the kids next door as they run around in it playing their games. Ooooo, and now I can hear the familiar song…”happy birthday to you…”. Celebration.

I’m pleased I noticed it. It made me smile.

Is this really what I wanted to write about today?

The truth is, as I lay here (still not great at sitting), I don’t really know what to say or write.

I feel a bit out of practice, or blocked. Do you ever get like that?

And for the first time in my life, I have no inclination to judge that, or try to understand it. I can just leave it the fuck alone as a part of my life experience. Take a big breath and exhale and just let my fingers move. Leave them alone. Leave my mind alone. Just let it be.

So much and yet so little has happened since last I wrote, that I’m not sure what wants to come out. If anything at all does. So, I write in the mystery of what might show up….

This is probably the difference in me now, after this last crazy arse life storm that our family experienced. I can actually admit…and be marginally okay with the fact….. that I have no fucking idea of what is going to happen next.

Not a one.

Despite my life long efforts to tweak and control everything so that it was exactly how I wanted it to be.

What a fucking exhausting way to live. I would know, because I was living it.

I’ve tried to write a bunch of stuff to explain the shift I have had recently….and deleted it. It just wasn’t coming through smoothly.

So instead I’m going to put it down and let this little clip by one of my favourite life guides and fellow Wayfinder explain it to you instead.

Martha Beck is by far one of my favourite people (despite the fact I haven’t met her and don’t actually know her….yet).

Since the very first time I saw her on the Oprah Winfery show back in the 1990’s I have felt her words resonate so deeply with me…and no more so that when I participated in her webinar called, “Five Paths to Your Purpose” a few days ago. I’ll blog about it later, because I don’t know that you can watch it if you didn’t sign up. But the nuggets of wisdom are chunky…for real!

The clip I am going to share today though, is one that is available to all. One that I hope will resonate with you. And if it does, please send me a wee message. I’d love to connect with you about this. It means that we are on the same team…

Oh….teams…I love teams. We call our family The Little Lean Team and Martha write about folks who she believes are on “THE Team”…..I want to write about teams…

Ahhhh and there it is….the unblock!

Enough rambling.

This clip is a few mins long but so worth your time. If you aren’t familiar with “Spoon Theory”, please acquaint yourself now…

Martha Beck and Spoon Theory.

Of course if you know anyone who might relate to the Spoon Theory…please pass it on.

Big, big love









  1. Oh Jen! Thanks so much for sharing this! I haven’t come across her before and she does really speak to me as well. Ha ha just started another video of hers and she says some days you just feel like hammered crap, lol. I know! Have liked her FB page and have signed up for her email newsletters. I like someone who says it like it is, and she has also been ill similarly to me for a loong time. I can definitely identify with that, even if it puts a dent in my thoughts about – I will get over this eventually and feel good sometime soon, in this life time. Well, OK, that s almost completely crushed at this stage and I am now working on how do I go on from here without that hope. So another work in progress, at least it isn’t the same as the one I have been toting for the last 20 years! Anyway, big love to you for all your sharing and being real and authentic. Thanks! xoxox

    1. Well Xanthe…welcome to the team my friend. I always knew it. If you can get your hands on a copy of Martha’s “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”…I truly think a lot of it will resonate with you. As a healer. As a wayfinder….I love hearing from you. Thanks for your words as always. Jen.xxx

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