I don’t make appointments to see psychics. Generally.

In the past, I have paid to see a numerologist once and also an astrologist once.

And if I summarised what they said, they both had threads of resonance. Some times like realllllly resonant. Other times, not so much.

Yesterday I had an appointment to see a “Soul Channeller” for a “Soul Session”. An appointment I made after a friend had had the experience on a couple of occasions and rated it. I trust her.

“I’ll have a Soul Session thank you”.

Why not?

It makes me smile that she even calls it a soul session. In the week leading up to my appointment, I was writing in my journal about developing content for a Sunday Soul Session Gathering..a little like church without the religion. So when she said, “Today we will do a soul session”, well, it didn’t come completely as a surprise.

On the way up the driveway, I feel a nervousness for the first time since making the appointment. In my gut. A check in revealed that I was feeling afraid. It was a feeling of fear around the possibility that I might be seen.

Like proper.

Stuff that I might not actually want her to see.

Judged even.

What if she plants a seed that I don’t want planted. She tells me something that I don’t want to do. And then I feel conflicted because that isn’t what I actually want to do but the channeller person said that is what my soul wants.

What if?

And as I acknowledged the fear, took a breath and said, “Trust yourself. You’ve got everything you need already. This is an experience. An adventure. Enjoy it”.

 I walked into her little cosy space and exhaled.

In the old days, psychics are painted as these older women with unattended hair and bony fingers. Dark make up and little eye contact. Dark. Mysterious. Witchy-poo-ish I guess.

The little soul speaker I met with yesterday was anything but.

The brightest most intense blue eyes I may have have looked in to. Caramel tanned skin and sunbleached blonde hair. Full lips. Kind face. Warm energy.

I exhaled again. Deeper. I knew I was safe by the way my body felt. Calm. Relaxed. Safe.

We sat.

I was asked to shuffle the biggest pack of cards I think I have seen in my life and invited to infuse them with my energy, my questions, my desires.

And when she handed me the deck, I went completely blank. I couldn’t think of a thing to infuse. I had so much stuff, but not one fucking thing came to mind. Not one. Blank. Crickets. And for me..that really never happens. I don’t have an easily quietened mind.


I shuffled. And nothing came.

In that moment I felt a little panicked. Like, “Quick Jen, don’t waste this session. What do you want to know?”

Then I wondered why I hadn’t spent any time considering what I wanted to ask her before I came to the appointment.

Maybe I didn’t have a deep burn for clarity over anything in particular.

Maybe I was skeptical and so didn’t bother taking it seriously.

Or maybe, I was just open to the experience and willing to have a play.

I shuffled some more, took some deep breaths and just said to myself, “Whatever I need to hear today. Lets do that”.


I place the deck down and she went to work.

She laid a shit load of them out on the table. Like a story book. A “ticket to a movie”, she said. “Tarot”, she said.

Meanwhile she gives me another deck and asked me to draw one card. I drew the “Patience” card. Ha! I thought. Funny! Me asked to be patient? Just cannot imagine why.

I am driven. I like to see things created. Come to life. I am not someone to sit around waiting to be asked. I like to make stuff happen that I am passionate about. I am a doer. A Show-er. A creator. An impactor. A human helper.

And when I come up with an idea or hear about someone else idea, I get excited and I want to see it happen like, NOW.

And yet ironically, because of the way my mind works, I am distracted so easily with other projects and creative ventures. Something that our little channeller recognised! The strength of being a creative soul and the distraction of what that brings. Making it difficult to get clear on the one thing that requires the energy.

Nodding and agreeing with her ‘feels’ I felt safer and safer. So far, nothing had been off the mark.

Skeptics say that psychics are scam artists. Read people and fish around for links until they get one and then they take off on that tangent. And perhaps there is some truth to that. I know when I am listening deeply to my intuitive voice I can hear things about other people and often when I ask them about it, it is spot on.

I wonder if we all have this ability in us. And it is similar to tuning into the right frequency. Like turning the dial on the radio. Some of us know how to tune in to make sense of the static. It sounds different. Some hear music while some of us hear white noise.

The little channeller came straight in with, “The first thing that is coming to me with you is…they are saying..it’s all about what your business is here to do..so, they are wanting to talk about your work venture more or less”.

I have her words in speech marks because I recorded the session, so have it word for word. Thats a good thing. You get a lot of information. You want it to be retrievable. Reviewable.

And so, we talked about the work venture.

And of ALL the gazillion, bazzilion things that she could have brought up about me and my work, the thing she brings up is the EXACT thing that I have be dreaming and scheming since I was in my 20’s. And it is only in the last week, that I have actually actioned it..like for real.

I couldn’t say anything. She detailed all the stuff.

“And that”, she said “is what they want you to put your energy into. It is going to be so successful, in ways you can’t even consider right now”.

And with that, I clapped my hands on the inside, like a little excited child when they were surprised with an unexpected and well received gift.

She gave me time frames, speed bumps, locations. The lot.

We talked relationship stuff that was SPOT.ON.

We talked kid stuff that was COMPLETELY ON THE MONEY.

She told me I was teacher. Ran workshops. And I will continue to do these. And my girls will help me.

And I have to say, nothing in there was actually new.

It was all validation.

Validation of what I already knew.

Sometimes we have old wounds around trusting ourselves.

Maybe there have been times when we made a decision and it didn’t go to plan.

Maybe we didn’t listen to our intuition that time and things went completely to shit.So now can’t trust ourselves with it.

I know I am still building the ability to fully trust myself. At my age.

I’m so excited to see where this life experience takes me. My family. Us.

I am open to abundance. Miracles. And some seriously magical shizzle.

In the meantime, I still will be humaning and human helping with my teachings and coaching and workshops. And this will grow too.

What a week.

Oh and if you want more details on the Soul Speaker I saw, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.

As always, I am curious…..

Have you seen a psychic,medium, soul speaker? Love to hear your stories.

Big, big love



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  1. Hey Jen I would be interested in knowing who your “soul channeller’’” is please Sounds very lovely. I am (as you know/as we all are) also on a journey. I am clearing a path to release and empower my intuitive gifts, and am just about ready to engage a mentor or join a suitable class (if I could just find one). Do you have any thoughts or recommendations that may help me with a bit of direction?

    I have been doing a load of energy healing and clearing huge loads of old stuff, that I didn’t even know I had! I have worked on loads of conscious stuff and am so ready for the next level, only to find it blocked to the heavens with old stuff, generational stuff, past stuff. Amazing the depth and breadth of it really. But I had some nice confirmation that although I have not been seeing the results I was expecting, I have done SOOOO much prep work, it will all fall in to place when the space is made. How exciting is that!?

    Anyway, thought I would share some of my excitement, as you have been sharing yours

    Love Xanthe

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