I just wanted to remind you to stop being mean to yourself. Stop.

Humaning is such a fucking adventure often loaded with barbs of pain. Massive deep driving barbs!

Humaning is filled with discomfort and errors in judgement and fucking fuck ups!

It just is.

I just wanted to remind you that this is the first time you have done this gig in this physical form.

And each moment is a completely new experience. And you haven’t navigated it ever before.

So stop being an arsehole to yourself.

Putting pressure on yourself to get everything ‘right’ and ‘perfect’.

Allow yourself to embody being a human.

I mean, isn’t that what we signed up for?

To have this human experience…this time around. And none of it you have done before because each time we encounter something, it is new. Each and every time!

So stop being a dick to yourself.

Haven’t you been mean to yourself enough? And how has that turned out?

Try some kindness.

Speak to yourself like someone you like. Speak to yourself like you are speaking to your best mate.

Love you.



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